The Boola Valiantly Attempts Actor Warmups

In light of the various drama shows that are still set to perform this semester, The Boola, in conjunction with the Yale Drama Coalition, decided to try out some of their actor warmups…

Like I said, *tried.

First, let’s meet the directors of some of these shows!

Irina Gavrilova – director of No Exit

t5numPerforming: October 29th-31st @ Calhoun Cabaret

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Alcindor Leadon – director of Pillowman


Performing: November 5th-7th @ Saybrook Underbrook Theater

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Conor Bagley – director of Shining City


Performing: November 12th-14th @ Calhoun Cabaret

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And now, watch our embarrassing attempts at the actor warmups:


Read more about all the shows here!