7 ways to not miss Yale during these UnPReCeDenTed Times

Written by: Ashley Anthony

Actually walk between your online classes

An essential part of being at Yale for me is that flustered feeling you get from running from class to class. Not only does the running provide you with a fresh glow, but also a surge of adrenaline to keep you going. With online classes this is gone. I don’t even have to move from the comfort of my bed to zoom from class to class. This scooter is completely useless! Never fear. Since classes have started on Monday I’ve devised a plan; simply use the time in between your online classes to walk the amount you regularly would. I don’t know if you have a backyard or can walk around your neighborhood where you live, but if you can’t go outside, simply figure out exactly how many steps it takes you to go from location to location and walk on the spot. For example, I’ve learned that  it takes me about a 1000 steps to get to WLH from Saybrook. Do with that what you will. Bonus points if you look up Yale on YouTube and play the correct scenery as you walk. 

 Limit your dining to specific items and times.

One thing that I love about Yale is how scheduled it keeps me. Being away from Yale has allowed me to have meals at crazy hours like lunch after 2 and dinner at 8! Regularity is important. So one way to remind yourself of our good ole New Haven home is to only have meals at times that Yale typically allows. If you miss having lunch at the correct times, limit yourself to microwaveable goods that you might find at Durfees, taking caution to stay within the $9 limit. If you’re the one cooking, go ahead and try to make a few of Yale’s specials like plain cooked quinoa, Yale eyed peas and on select Thursdays, you can reward yourself with breaded chicken tenders! For authenticity consult this website: If there’s enough demand I’ll maybe try to create a recipe book for doing this, but since I am not yet sufficiently bored yet, my recommendation for now as to how to get the seasoning just right is to use only salt and pepper, and to use it very sparingly. You can even get your family involved with this one by having your relatives yell at you if you spend too long at the dining table, and barring you from the kitchen after certain times. 

Party (REMOTELY) on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

This brings me back to my point about maintaining your schedule. Being away from Yale has shown me how reasonable other people can be with their schedules and I am tempted to let myself fall into this routine of sleeping before midnight and being awake at nine. However, we can’t let this happen! Imagine the shock that we will feel when we return to campus in September. No. I say, if you’re missing the true Yale experience, after turning in your psets online at midnight, get dressed up and start dancing. Have alcohol (*if you’re over 21)! Maybe even arrange stuffed animals into a “line” at Toads, and mark your hand with an x. Get creative. Zoom call a couple of friends and make this a shared experience. However you do it, just remember you aren’t allowed to go to bed until at least 2:30 a.m. and you MUST play living on a prayer as your last song. To simulate other Yale parties e.g. frat parties, I would recommend decorating your basement by turning the lights down low, spilling a few drinks to simulate that familiar floor stickiness and blaring Mr. Brightside. 

Drink coffee and have fried food at 11 p.m.

There’s no explanation for this one other than just do it. It’ll remind you of stressful studying and comfort buttery food. 

Binge watch Josh Beasley 

Again, self explanatory.

Remember that you have reasons to be mad at the Yale administration

This one is a good way to miss Yale less. Are you angry that Yale won’t divest from fossil fuels, and cancel Puerto Rican debt? Then fume about that in your childhood bedroom. Get angry as you read the emails from Dean Chun about how Yale is managing the covid-19 crisis, and cry about how other schools (shout out to Columbia and MIT) are taking much more drastic measures (universal P/F) to reduce education inequity during these times. This will help you remember that as much as you miss Yale it isn’t perfect! 

Write about missing Yale for the Boola! 

If you’re missing Yale, and you have thoughts about campus or ~quarantine life, pen those thoughts and share them with us! You can reach out to us by messaging our facebook page!