Fashion at the 15th Annual Eid Banquet

The 15th annual Eid Banquet was held in the Schwartzman Center and I had the pleasure of attending. After the great time I had last year with the delicious food, interesting speeches, and of course, the awe inspiring fashion, I was hyped to be back. Eid was yet again another beautiful evening celebrated with friends and surrounded by gorgeously dressed ladies. I love seeing all the cultural wear because it reminds me of how different it is from my own culture and of how important it is to make the effort to experience new things and be appreciative of the diversity around us. Without further ado, here are some of the ladies who made my jaw drop and absolutely slayed at Eid.



Lina Goelzer

Davenport ‘19

“The most exciting part of Eid is seeing everyone so dressed up and excited. I love that everyone is smiling and happy.”


Sheila Qasemi

Morse ‘19

“I think the Eid banquet is very fun because you can see how the MSA community fits into the greater Yale community.”


Fatima Chughtai

Davenport ‘19

“Eid is very important to me because it’s such a family thing. It’s a little strange not to be with family, but it’s nice to be with friends.”


Noora Reffat

Berkley ‘19

“This is an abaya that I bought in Morocco during my last week there. I was so excited when I saw it because it was just what I was looking for.”


Maisha Ahmed

Berkley ‘19

“Although I wasn’t able to celebrate Eid with my family this year, I am grateful for this banquet the MSA has set up for us.”


Alejandra Padín-Dujon

Davenport ‘18

“I’ve had this since I was 15 because my Moroccan host family had it made for me when I studied abroad one summer.”


Daad Sharfi

Ezra Stiles ‘17

“Most of my wardrobe is actually passed on from my mom, including shoulder pads.”


Adriana Embus

Timothy Dwight ‘17

“This is my first Eid and I’m really excited to finally get the chance to celebrate with my Muslim friends since this is my last chance because I’m a senior.”


Zarrin Subha

Ezra Stiles ‘19

“I love coming to the Eid banquet because I love seeing all my sistas dressed up and looking gorgeous.”


Hafsa Abdi

Ezra Stiles ‘20

“Eid is an opportunity to dress up and feel pretty and I’m really into fashion. This is my first Eid Banquet and the Muslim community at Yale is very welcoming so I’m really excited to celebrate with these girls.”


Ladan Mohamed

Branford ‘19

“I’m really sad that this is the last banquet in Commons, but I love seeing all the girls’ outfits and I think they always look fabulous.”