8 Pretty Suite Ideas

Man, I love my suite! After a long day of classes, I can’t wait to come home to the best place on campus: my crib.







Welcome to Casa di L-Dub A43!

My suite is a pretty special space: it’s a place where I can kick back and relax, host get-togethers with my favorite bulldogs, and catch a quick nap before section.

Of course, not every common room on campus is HGTV material. I’ve totally met people who avoid their suites. They hate their suites. Their suites are, like, the ugliest place on campus. 

YO YO YO YO YO DON’T BE LIKE THEM! With a little TLC, you can turn your suite into a place where you and your mates can parley all night long.


Because midnight convos are the best!

If you’re the one who’s been avoiding your suite OR you simply want to try something new, here are some quick tricks to make your treacherous box feel like home through your new BFF: Dollar Tree.

Located on 852 Chapel Street (past the second Starbucks by the New Haven Green), Dollar Tree might surprise you! Here, I have found countless ways to recreate my space on a budget.




Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


1. Real Flowers!

The real deal is always nice. Check G-Heav or the local Farmer’s Market (seasonal).



2. Fake Flowers!

Courtesy of Dollar Tree: $1 Vase + $1 Fake Flower

IMG_5224 1743573_931053483595649_7897127960227469185_n

Styles range from Funky to Fabulous!

10352594_931053410262323_5021283156279212243_n 10959703_931053393595658_5002711830322402382_n

  • TOTAL COST: $2
  • PRO TIP: Buy two or three kinds of flowers. When I find myself getting bored of the same flowers, I switch it up!
  • PRO TIP: Dollar Tree sells fake autumn leaves for the fall and fake poinsettias for the holiday season.


You have no idea how much munchies make a place feel like home. You don’t always have to have junk food out: stash some fruit from your dining hall and recreate a little fruit bowl. You and your suite mates can figure out a snack budget, and you can all take turns picking out something you like.


Because logic.


$1 Serving Bowl + $1 Food Item (Dollar Tree)

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 11.04.18 PM

  • TOTAL COST: $2
  • PRO TIP: Also a great idea for parties!
  • PRO TIP: Candy always looks great small decorative bowls. Your visitors will love you for it!
  • DO NOT EAT ALL THE CANDY. That defeats the purpose on so many levels.

4. Sticker Decals and other Overhead Elements!

True story: I live in a double on Old Campus. I’m bottom bunk. Whenever I was in bed, I couldn’t stand looking at the ugly springs and under-matress of my roommate’s bed above me. So…I decided to try something out.


I bought these giant butterfly sticker decals at Dollar Tree. I bought two packs and let my imagination bring my “ceiling” to life.

  • TOTAL COST: $2
  • PRO TIP: Last time I checked, $D.T.$ had some cool prints (dinosaurs, butterflies, flowers).

5. Hanging Stuff from Your Ceiling!!


Hanging ornaments from our actual ceiling took a little bit more work, but I was really happy with the end result.

  • TOTAL COST: Depends. A three-pack of twine costs $1, a 10-pack of mini ornaments costs $1, and you can buy tape for $1. You ultimately choose how concentrated you want your ceiling design to be.
  • PRO TIP: Cut the twine different lengths for a dramatic effect.
  • PRO TIP: Ornaments are seasonal. If you really want to, you can hang hearts on Valentine’s Day, clovers on St. Patrick’s Day, or even origami cranes all year ’round.

6. Mugs!

Especially in this freezing cold, nothing makes me want to come home more than a warm cup of tea or some hot chocolate! If you’re a coffee person, that works, too. Grab your friends and gather ’round in your common room to share stories about your day.

Dollar Tree has $1 ceramic mugs! GET THEM!


  • TOTAL COST: $1/mug
  • PRO TIP: There are many styles to choose from!
  • PRO TIP: Dollar Tree also has $1 glasses and ceramic plates. Equip your suite for some good ol’ bonding time.

7. Make your own wall art!

I get it, not everybody’s Picasso. BUT! Everybody has that one roommate (or suite mate) who can art. Like, really art. Talk them into creating something to put up on your walls. Photos, sketches, and math homework are all game.

Student Shenanigans:


8. Pillows!



PEE-LOWS! The more the merrier!

PRO TIP: IKEA pillows start as cheap as $5.00. They come in a wide variety of colors, prints, and styles.

PRO TIP: Stack ’em. Pile ’em. Stack pillows and pile people on them.


If you have any other cool ideas that you would like to share with other Yalies, keep the conversation going and comment!

Remember, style does not have to be expensive! It often surprises me how the little things can ultimately make a space feel more comfortable and inviting. After all, you never know who might stop by…


LOCK YOUR DOORS! Burglars in the form of Eminem be on the prowl tonight!