7 Cool Dorm Rooms You Need to See


Regardless of our design aesthetics or eye for interior decoration, everyone’s room somewhat reflects their personality and interests. One of the coolest things about living on a college campus is having free reign to decorate your room in any way you’d like. The Boola presents you some of the most unique bedrooms and common rooms around campus that reflect each person’s own aesthetic and personalities (in no particular order).

#1: Sweet Serendipity

Name: Robyn Tse

Year & College: Class of 2017, Davenport College


“Most of my inspiration comes from photographers and interior designers I follow on Instagram. I also love stealing design ideas from restaurants and hotels in New York.”


“I like to see my room as a place where the conversation can go into the night. It’s a pretty small space, but it’s perfect for when a friend or two drops by to catch up.” 



#2: Home, Sweet Home

Name: Jack Barry, Stephan Sveshkinov, Theo Kuhn, Spencer Birney, Paddy Gavin, Tripp Kaelin

Year & College: Class of 2018, Saybrook College

Jack1 “The room is fundamentally traditional while still being warm and relaxed.”


“We sought to create a space that felt like home; in turn, the common room looks similar to many of our own homes.”

#3: Dorm Destination

Name: Jonathan Galka

Class & College: Class of 2018, Davenport College


“My room is basically a collection of things I’ve picked up everywhere I’ve lived and travelled, and things that inspire me that I’ve happened to have stumbled upon.”


“I love biology and I think that really is shown in my art, prints, and posters around my room.  I also love old things that other people have owned and used or written on so I have a lot of post cards and antique things.”



#4: Uncommon Room

Name: Bianka Ukleja, Allison Cheung, Katrina Garry

Year & College: Class of 2018, Pierson College


“Our room is definitely a chill environment, super low key but fun. We love having people over, so we wanted to create a space that was inviting.”


“We keep our lights up all year because you never know when we’ll be hosting a spontaneous dance party.”



#5: Curious Curations

Name: Matt Mattia

Year & College: Class of 2017, Brandford College


“Mostly I feel that I’m fluttering about the earth with little to keep me from floating off into the air—so I like to surround myself with ancient things, to make out of my furniture & art a tradition which roots me by contingency to the centuries.”


 “My fan is from the 1930s, as is my typewriter; my map is from 1770; my love letter desk (how startling & wonderful is it that there is a piece of furniture devoted to the writing & preservation of love letters?) is from 1890; I have pillows from France & India . . .”



#6: Simple and Sweet

Name: Harper Loonsk

Class & College: Class of 2018, Stiles College


 “I would describe my room’s style as simple and natural. Since my room is so small, I made sure to refrain from huge textures, and to keep it very light. . . I filled it with things that make me happy: books, plants, art supplies, trinkets from home, and a super comfy place to sleep!”

Harper2“I really try to be an organized person, and this is definitely reflected in my room. If I could, I would spend most of my time at the stable, on a hike, in one of Yale’s libraries, or in the CEID, so incorporated things that remind me of these places into my little room. ” 


#7: The All-American 

Name: Finnegan Schick, George Huynh, Jacob Mitchell, Alan Liu

Year & College: Class of 2018, Timothy Dwight College


“Our suite is – to quote Ernest Hemingway – a “clean, well-lighted place.” Like Hemingway, our suite has the aesthetics of the early 20th Century (typewriter, record player, traveling chest) but without the crippling alcoholism and depression.”


“With the Virginia flag featuring a central role in the room’s decor, our suite embodies Northern productivity with Southern sensibilities. Robert E. Lee and Ulysess S. Grant would feel equally comfortable lounging on our couch. “

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