6 Reasons to Use BoolaBooks

It’s a new semester folks, which means two things: 1) you’re in the market for textbooks (new semester, new you!) and 2) you bought like 20 books last semester you haven’t touched since September. BoolaBooks is here to help.

1. It’s so fast.


Source: Huffpost

You can upload your old textbook in less time than it takes to send a regrettable snapchat. Take 10 seconds to scan the ISBN and get on with your day filled with worrying about your under-eye bags. You’re not ugly, it’s just a bad angle – we promise.


2. You can make money.



Your old textbooks are taking up valuable shelf and wallet space. Online sites pay pennies on the dollar, but BoolaBooks cuts out the middleman to connect you directly with buyers. Sell that copy of Microeconomics to someone who missed the 115 bandwagon in the fall (we’re looking at you, freshmen) and make a quick buck. You can reinvest it in new textbooks, but realistically it’s going towards two G-Heav bacon-egg-and-cheeses after a wholesome evening at Toad’s Place. We won’t judge.


3. You can skip the post office.


Source: The Atlantic

If I had a nickel for every enjoyable experience I’ve had at the Yale Post Office, I would have a grand total of zero nickels. Use BoolaBooks instead, and you can avoid long lines, terrible customer service, lost packages, and fits of rage.


4. You can negotiate effortlessly.



With the BoolaBooks chat feature, you can easily negotiate price and arrange meetups on the go in real-time. Skip all those emails and Facebook message requests – just talk directly through the app. Who knows, you might even meet your soulmate! Or just another disappointing hookup. Maybe we won’t help you find a good answer when your Aunt Kathy asks you if you’re seeing anyone special next Christmas, but we can sure as hell help you find some books.


5. It’s Safe.


Source: Daily Express

Craigslist and eBay are filled with creepazoids, randos, and lurkees. BoolaBooks is filled with other Yale students. With BoolaBooks, you won’t have to worry about getting scammed, mugged, or ripped off. We’re not saying you’ll definitely get one of your kidneys taken on eBay or Craiglist, we’re just saying it won’t happen with us.


6. Seriously, the post office sucks.

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