Dining Hall Food Adventures: Dessert!

After our trip to the school up north, we are all increasingly thankful towards Yale Dining for providing us with our daily dose of delicious sugary goodness. Yet every other day of those “Double Fudge Brownies” and “Chocolate Chip Muffins” can get tiring. Yes, there might be the occasional upgrade to “Triple Fudge Brownies”, but we here at the Boola are looking for more of a thrill factor.

In this new series, embark on an adventure with The Boola as we look for innovative ways to sweeten/spice up our lives through dining hall food! Join us as we find ways to dump, mix, and mash together regular dining hall food into something new and exciting. If you’re worried about the taste or potential food poisoning, distress no more. Our fearless test subjects have tasted and reviewed each item.

1.  Chai Tea Latte

Let’s start with a classic! Make an ordinary cup of chai tea with hot water and a chai tea bag. Add sugar and honey to taste. Then, add milk until the whole thing looks creamy AF.

“I feel like I’m in a family trip. We’re going to a mountain, and it’s cold. I want to drink something to get cozy. Everyone in the family is going to drink this, and it’s really cute and warm.” – Carol ’20

“It tastes like vanilla scented grass, with a side of cinnamon.” -Mallory ‘17

“Smells like a Christmas candle.” -Omid ‘20


2. Coffee Ice Cream Float

Pour yourself a normal cup of black coffee, then add a scoop of ice cream. We gave our test subjects cookie dough ice cream. We recommend vanilla for beginners, cookies and cream for the forever 5-year-old at heart, and mint and chocolate chip for adventurous souls.

“This is like summer in Brazil when it’s too hot to drink coffee.” -Carol ‘20

“This is really really good. Foodgasam good.” -Unnamed reviewer ‘20


3. Cereal with Yogurt

Add frosted flakes to a bowl of vanilla yogurt. Swirl gently with a spoon.
“First of all, it’s too sweet. It’s like Vivi’s at one hundred percent kinda sweet. And second of all, it has an interesting contrast. I’m in English 120, so it’s all about the tension. It’s crunchy and liquidy.” -Michael ‘20


4. Gourmet Cookies n’ Cream Ice-cream 

Take a chocolate chip cookie or triple fudge cookie. Get yourself two generous scoops of ice cream in the flavor of your choice. Mash them together Coldstone style so that the cookie is turned into chunks and is embedded in the ice cream.

“It’s a very vanilla flavor, and towards the end the chocolate comes in and you get a taste of that. In the beginning it’s soft and pleasant, and towards the end it’s strong.” -Jonathan ‘20


After our extraordinary intake of calories, we would like to conclude that our dessert adventure was a success! Try these out for yourself if you are looking for a sugar rush or simply like to mix sh*t together. Still hungry and vaguely unsatisfied about food or life in general? Don’t worry, because the Boola has more ingenious, creative, and fabulous food combos to come!