Yale’s Best Dressed at Eid

At the 14th annual Eid Banquet, held in Commons on October 6th, some of our fellow Yalies rocked some absolutely stunning formal wear! The event, organized by the Chaplain’s Office and the Yale Muslim Students Association, invited students to celebrate the Muslim holiday Eid Uhl-Adha together as well as their cultural pride. The night was grand, with Ustadh Ubaydullah Evans as the keynote speaker, wonderful food, and dazzling outfit ensembles. It was amazing to see students dressed, representing their culture and where they come from. Here are just a few of the stunning ladies who absolutely slayed at this year’s Eid Banquet!



Name: Sana Mojarradi

College/Year: Silliman, Class of 2018

“The Eid Banquet is our biggest event of the year in which you can see so many people of different cultures coming together. It’s nice to have a space to reconnect with your roots.”



Name: Alizeh Maqbool

College/Year: Berkley, Class of 2017

“My mother had this made for me for my cousin’s wedding in Pakistan so this is the first time I’m wearing it since I couldn’t go.”



Name: Azzah Hyder

College/Year: Morse, Class of 2016

“I had this made in Pakistan and this is my favorite event the MSA throws.”



Name: Shireen Roy

College/Year: Davenport, Class of 2019

“Wearing ethnic clothes makes me feel closer to my family in India since I don’t get to see them often.”



Name: Greeshma Rajeev-Kumar

College: Morse, Class of 2016

“I like this event because I can take a part in another culture. Also, this is a new style I saw in India and I liked the blue and gold combination.”



Name: Pratyusa Mukherjee

College/Year: Branford, Class of 2016

“What I like about Eid most is the dignity of the event. I enjoy seeing how they do Eid since I help organize Diwali.”