What Your Favorite New Haven Drunk Food Says About You


And drunk food choices are especially illuminating.

1. Wenzels

You’re willing to put in that extra effort for what you really want.  Alpha Delta may be far, but the sweet thought of that beautiful chicken and hot sauce sandwich drives you forward through the night.  You just can’t say no to that kick of heat when the first bite touches your awaiting lips.

The Wenzel feels.

2. G-Heav

So maybe you’re not quite as dedicated to a specific late-night snack – you really like having options.  While you’re not great at making decisions, you do excel at aggressively shoving your way to the front of a poorly formed line, and G-Heav is your opportunity to show off your skills.  As soon as your foil-wrapped sandwich appears over the edge of that counter, you devour it with a speed that will definitely cause you to notice your burnt-as-toast tongue the next morning.

Winning at G-Heav. Not winning: the G-Heav employees. Sad zinger…

3. Popeyes

There are a couple of reasons why you might be a Popeyes connoisseur.  It’s possible that you are a Saturday night champ and you always need a place to wait it out until Zeta opens up its doors for Late-Night.  Alternatively, you might just be the kind of person that likes to get to the root of things.  Sure, eating pizza or a sandwich might seem healthier, but you are honest enough with yourself to realize that what you really want is full-on fast food, and Popeyes’ is there to deliver it to you.


4. Yorkside

You like things that are classic. Why break with tradition?  And traditionally, pizza is the thing to do when you are drunk.  That sweet, melted cheese with its glistening puddles of grease satisfies you like nothing else can.  When you’re at Yorkside, you can watch the late-night Toadsers stream out onto York Street through the wide open window while you enjoy your own little slice of heaven.

Leo is a traditionalist too.

5. Mamoun’s

You think outside of the box.  No boring sandwiches or pizza for you; you want something messier and with a little more flair.  Mamoun’s delivers with its salty and saucy falafel and gyros.

Want to get falafel?

6. Insomnia

Much like your choice food, you’re a sweetie.  While your friends clamor for salt, you crave the sweet, gooey deliciousness of a fresh-baked cookie.  Luckily, Insomnia is open late to cater to your sugar cravings, and you get immediate satisfaction when served with your cookie of choice.

You’re probably also morally opposed to the concept of the Veggie Monster.

7. Your Room

You’re not too picky.  You say: why walk all the way to a store to buy food when I have these perfectly good chips right here in my room?  You make practical decisions, even when drunk, and you are happiest when cozying up in bed with whatever half-eaten bag of chips or carton of ice cream you can find.


Because why leave your room when you have a perfectly good fridge?