The 11 Wackiest Courses in the Bluebook

Blue booking is one of the best parts of a new semester. Sometimes when you’re looking through all the classes Yale has to offer, you see some strange classes that warrant a single raised eyebrow. Here are some weird Yale classes being offered in Spring 2016. The names of all professors were changed to Lost characters to protect their identity.


Naval Science 265, Bigger Boats Sayid Jarrah


A continuation of Naval Science 264, Big Boats, this class examine the medium class of large boats. Students will be prepared for Naval Science 266, Biggest Boats, and Naval Science 411, Naval Operations and Seamanship.


Religious Studies 666/ Economics 101, Satan and You Ana Lucia Cortez


The study of the Devil and how he manipulates each and every one of us towards the path of sin. Also an introduction to basic economic and business principles.


Political Science 523/ Women’s Studies 286, Hillary Clinton: Woman or Three Children in a Trench Coat Standing on top of Each Other. Charles Widmore


What is Hillary Clinton? Some scholars say woman. Some say three children in a trench coat standing on top of each other. But the bigger question is whether or not she’s the President.


Computer Science 597, Minesweeper Claire Littleton


An in depth study of this classic computer game. Learn the rules and how to actually play it. Discuss if randomly clicking is a valid strategy.


Film Studies 069, Porn Jack Sheppard


Freshman seminar focusing on how pornography influences American culture and shapes ideas of sexuality in today’s youth. Also, check out this REALLY hot chick.


History of Art, Vintage Memes  Sun-Hwa Kwon


Pictures with words on them. Jokes told in a format easy to email to your friends. Special focus on cat memes, especially I CAN HAZ CHEEZBURGER.


Forestry 412, Leaves Danielle Rousseau


Another part of the tree. Prerequisites: Forestry 287, Branches, and Forestry 359, Roots.


Judaic Studies 225, Jason Biggs Pierre Chang


Why is Jason Biggs not Jewish? Why is every character he plays, including in American Pie and Orange is the New Black, Jewish? Why does he look and act Jewish to the point that everything thinks he’s Jewish? There is no answer, but we can speculate. Enrollment by placement only.


Global Affairs 194, Estonia: Real or made-up? Nikki Fernandez


You might have heard about Estonia. But how much do you really know? Discussion center around the debated existence of Estonia and the proof both for and against the possibility of a real Estonia.


Italian 462, My Grandma’s Lasagna Smoke Monster


My Grandma makes the best lasagna this side of Sicily! An in depth study of my grandmother’s famous lasagna and what makes it different from other grandmothers’ lasagnas. A sneak peak: She puts love in every batch.