How to Host a Harvard Student

With the Harvard-Yale game coming up, it’s inevitable that many of us here on campus will be hosting Harvard students in our suite. Hosting somebody carries with it the responsibility of making sure your hostee feels welcome and comfortable, while simultaneously feeling very impressed by Yale and insecure about what Harvard has to offer. It’s a delicate balance to strike, but even the most clueless of hosts can accomplish it with a bit of effort.


Clean up the suite

Nothing says “hostess (or host) with the mostest” like a squeaky clean common room. Unfortunately, it’s time to suck it up and clean that questionable stain that you and your suitemates have been ignoring for the past month. And maybe take out that overflowing trash can. Don’t worry too much though. As soon as they leave, you can let your suite fall back into its normal state of disgustingness.


Introduce them to all of your friends

Part of the experience of the Harvard-Yale weekend is the chance to meet lots of new faces. So after they’ve met your whole suite, make sure to introduce them to all those other people who you sort of know around campus. There’s that girl whose name you always forget and that one guy who is always leaving the dining hall just as you’re coming in. This is important — your hostee will be thoroughly impressed by the sheer number of people you know.


Provide snacks

The best way to keep anybody happy is to provide them with free food. If you’re really dedicated to giving them the full Yale experience, a Wenzel is always a fantastic option. If you’re less dedicated and just want to get by with the bare minimum, some fruit from the dining hall should be sufficient. Be warned that this is kind of lame, but it is better than nothing.snacking

Ask them about life at Harvard

Even though you’re already aware that the social scene is nowhere near as great as Yale’s, a good host always acts like they want to know more about their guests. Add some sympathetic head shaking when they get to the part about Harvard’s non-existent parties (even though you already knew it was coming). A good host is also humble, so when they turn the question around and ask you about Yale’s social scene, try to avoid going into too much detail about how much fun Yalies have. It may be difficult, but to attain “hostess with the mostest” status, it’s important to remain gracious.


Make sure they have a quiet study space

Remember: Harvard’s Thanksgiving Break doesn’t begin until Wednesday. So, if your hostee has to miss some of the parties, tailgates, or even The Game itself to get in a little last minute studying, be understanding. If your suite isn’t the ideal study space, you can always recommend some good study rooms that are especially conducive to getting work done.


So, don’t fret, friends! Hosting might seem like a big responsibility, but if you follow these tried and true tips, it should be just as easy as getting into Harvard!