9 Signs You’re Obsessed with Beyoncé

1. When one of her songs comes on, you find yourself singing along to the version she uses when on tour rather than the studio album version.

source: Tumblr

2. You refer to Blue Ivy as your niece, goddaughter, baby girl, or any nickname variation of the name Blue Ivy.

source: Tumblr

3. You follow her dancers, band members, background singers, or glam squad on Instagram.

source: Instagram @ashleycmeverett

4. You have been some facet of her career for Halloween (bonus points if you’ve made it a tradition).

source: Pinterest

5. When talking to friends, you refer to Beyoncé as Bey and have a delusional sister/BFF relationship with Beyoncé.

source: Instagram @freckledduckling

6. You can casually name the following facts: restaurants she frequents, where she gets her hair done, and hotels she has stayed at.

source: Instagram @beyonce

7. You know the choreography of at least three of her videos.

source: Youtube

8. You and your friends have attempted to go Beyoncé hunting in New York City after stalking her Tumblr and Twitter and finding out she was in the area.

9. Your family and/or friends are “concerned” about your obsession.