6 Reasons To Get Hype About Seeing WORD

1.  You’ll hear poets spitting fire like:


(Photocred Sabina Lee)

Hayun Cho, performing at Night Market, monster in the flesh.

2. Some of us can and will wall twerk to the rhythm of our own voices spitting poetry.


(Photocred: Dave Harris’ Facebook)

3. A chance to hear NEW TAPS perform for the FIRST TIME

(Photocred: Tumblr)

4. People will think you’re deep as fuck for appreciating poetry

5. It’s one of the only places you can moan in public

(Photocred: Tumblr)

6. It isn’t awkward if you just want to stop by for a little bit. If you gotta swerve, swerve.

(Photocred: Tumblr)

7 – THAT’S RIGHT, WE BREAK PROMISES, WE BREAK RULES, THERE ARE 7 – We love y’all and we perform for YOU, so come out and get hype <3

(Photocred: Tumblr)