13 Reasons why Pakistanis are Awesome

1. They’re  beautiful.

No, really.

Ladies (and gents), feast your eyes upon this Yalie when he’s in Bass.

(Photocred: Tumblr and Facebook)

2. The way they flirt:

(Photocred: Tumblr)

3. And if you ever need a second opinion about flirting with that boy from your political science seminar, they’ve got your back

(Photocred: Tumblr)

4. Their music taste, which can range from Bhangra to indie/rock/blues/folk.

Feel good study music, a more romantic, dreamy piece, and a slightly more seductive number.


(Photocred: Tumblr)

5. Their faces whenever someone knows where Pakistan is on a map!

dancing animated GIF

(Photocred: Giphy)

6. The way they tear up Woads every week

(Photocred: Tumblr)


7. They have extraordinary moustaches.

Excessive facial hair has historically been a sign of manliness and virility.  Next time you see a clean shaven Pakistani at Yale, question him on his baby soft, hairless cheeks. GO BIG OR GO HOME.

8. They know good food.

This will be you when they get the chance to feed you:

(Photocred: Lovefood, blogspot, and Tumblr)

9. Their accents

(Photocred: Tumblr)

10. Their inexplicable passion for cricket, which can last up to 5 days and almost always leaves people in tears (of joy or anguish).

dance animated GIF

Proper attire of any Pakistani Yalie for any major cricket match (taken post screening of  six hour match in Branford Basement)

(Photocred: Giphy and Facebook)

11. The way they cheer you up:

(Photocred: Tumblr)

12. The way they decorate their trucks

Truck art has even been featured on the front page of Granta, a UK literary magazine.

(Photocred: 9gag, Blogspot, Granta)

13. Their killer fashion sense

While some of their fashion looks like it has yet to be updated from the time when royal courts still existed, why change something that’s as kickass as this?

In fact, they take fashion so seriously that this fashion non-profit exists.

(Photocred: Fashioncentral, Pakreviews)

So the next time you see a Pakistani Yalie, share some mangoes, play some cricket and you have a friend for life.

Come check us (Yalies for Pakistan) out at our Street Fair this Sunday for the Kashmir Relief Initiative!

Edited by: Sabina Lee