14 Signs You’re a Comp Sci Major

1) You utilize peer tutors like no other, especially when your code needs to be debugged (which is like every 30 seconds).
2) You know the syntax of semicolons better than English majors.
3) You have a personal vendetta against edge cases.
4) You are constantly explaining to humanities majors that the Zoo is not an actual zoo.

5) You plan two weeks in advance which days you plan on sleeping.
6) You use Gilligan’s Island Rule when you want to cry tears of despair.
7) You get nightmares when you see this set of strings ( ( 2 | 3 ) 2 3 ).
8) You know that “Stan is the man”. Enough said.
9) You can list animal names better than anyone else on campus.
10) You think you’ll lose your social life in CS 323, but you actually lose it in CS 223.

11) You use valgrind to solve all of your problems.
12) You know five different languages. But you can’t speak any of them.
13) You wonder how old your DUS actually is when you realize he also taught your Algorithms teacher.
14) You roll your eyes every time anyone complains about how long their psets take (especially the premeds taking orgo).