Yale’s Fab Five of the Week

Here are another five fabulous looks that we’ve spotted around campus this  week. These well dressed individuals sport trendy looks from blazers to leather jackets, looking effortlessly put together. Hopefully  will help you trudge through midterms with a heavy heart, but stylish attire.



Name: Ashia Ajani

College: TD, Class of 2019

“I liked to call my style old lady chic. I like to wear what the Golden Girls would wear.”



Name: Daniel Tovbin

College: Branford, Class of 2017

“I wore this because I have physics lab and it gets cold.”



Name: Minh Tri Pham

College: JE, Class of 2017

“Style can tell you a lot about someone’s ideas and personality. I explore people’s stories through my fashion blog Sherman’s Alley.”

(psst, check it out his amazing blog here:



Name: Bridget Babcox

College: Calhoun, Class of 2019

“My shoes are this clean because I’ve never worn them before.”



Name: Daniel Staskawicz

College: Davenport, Class of 2017

“There were the clothes that were already out, so I wore them.”