What to Wear to Harvard-Yale

The Harvard-Yale game, aka the most anticipated sporting event of the year (sorry Winter Olympics), is only a week away and if you’re scrambling to find the perfect apparel to showcase your bulldog pride, look no further. We’ve rounded up all the various Game Day-themed shirts being sold on campus, from everything to your classic staples to the fun and fresh designs fellow Yalies have made to help us crush the Crimsons in style.

1. The Classic



To start off, there’s the classic “Y” sweater. Owning one of these is practically an admissions requirement so might as well rock it at The Big Game. It’s cute, preppy, and sure to keep you warm during the chilly weather. You can buy it at the Yale Bookstore, Campus Customs, or online here.


2. Harvard, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late

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Every year the Freshman Class Council makes the “official” Harvard-Yale shirt. This year  they came up with one that would make Drake hit us up, with its awesome Hotline Bling reference (1-800-HARVARDSUCKS, by the way, calls a random number in Japan) on the front. The shirt also comes with a QR code on the back that leads to a little surprise. Get one here.


3. Whaling For The Win



Boola boola everyone! The Whaling crew has taken our classic chant and made some pretty spiffy designs with it. These come with both blue and red logos and are available as shirts or sweatshirts to keep you warm and comfy through the game. You can get them here.


4. Unicef’s #Flawless Game Day Shirt

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If you feel like channeling Beyonce (because let’s face it, who doesn’t) Yale UNICEF has these absolutely #flawless Blue Ivy shirts for sale here (all the proceeds go to UNICEF). There’s nothing like harnessing the power of Queen B to help us teach Harvard who really runs the world.


5. Lux Et Tailgate 


Yale AIESEC has this very classy “The Game 2015” shirts for sale here. If you squint you can see that the banner between the football helmets says “lux et tailgate.”



Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 10.10.44 AM

So this isn’t a shirt, but the Sophomore Class Council has put together these essential “Harvard-Yale Survival kits” that come with paw print stickers (Blue’s Clues anyone?), hand warmers, a “bulldogs” fanny pack, and a beanie. You can order them here.


Enjoy The Game and remember:


Harvard sucks and they know it.