The 6 Best Places for a Valentine’s Date

Forget the date, forget the food, forget everything. Arguably the most important part of a Valentine’s Day date, the one that can really make or break it, is location. There is absolutely no chance of having a successful date if you choose the wrong venue. Luckily, the Boola has taken the guesswork out of it and has already scoped out the perfect locations for a V-Day rendezvous.


The Green

For those who are looking for an outdoorsy date, something that let’s you enjoy the bitter cold of a February day in New Haven, look no further than the New Haven Green! With a convenient location and wide open spaces, this is THE place to be. Conveniently located next to some finer dining options (see Dunkin’ Donuts, below), this is the perfect place to picnic with your significant other.

the green


Dunkin’ Donuts

For obvious reasons, Dunkin’ Donuts is quite the place to spend your Valentine’s Day. To keep things casual, a coffee date is always ideal. Data published on the coffee house’s website promise that 51% of people would prefer getting coffee to flowers. So, as long as your date is not one of the other 49%, you will really make their day when you surprise them with just the thing they wanted. Although New Haven is home to many other coffee shops, nothing will beat the festive ambience of Dunkin’, especially because they’ll likely have an assortment of heart shaped donuts for you to choose from. And there’s nothing that represents a successful Valentine’s Day like some kind of heart shaped dessert.

dunkin donuts


A dining hall

Given that your date is also a Yale student on the Meal Plan, this eliminates the awkward period at the end of the date when the waiter asks whether or not you want separate checks. Not only is this all-you-can-eat meal included in your already paid for meal plan, but you can also get some dessert afterwards, all at no extra cost. Another bonus: choose the ambience you want! With every dining hall offering something a little different, you have your choice of a dim, romantic setting (Calhoun), or something a little brighter and casual (Pierson), or anything in between.

dining hall


Somewhere On Science Hill

If you are enticed by the nature aspect of the Green, but are also pressed for time and don’t know if you’ll make it to the gym today, try taking a fun couples hike up Prospect St. The observatory could be the perfect backdrop for a classy Valentine’s Day date. But, don’t worry, if you’re only looking for a beginner’s workout, there are many other beautiful locations along the way. Not only will this be a fun time for all, your date will also be thoroughly impressed by your obvious athleticism.




If you want something tried-and-true, there is no better New Haven hub than G-Heav. With a wide selection of sandwiches and cereals, among other things, there is bound to be something your date will like, no matter how refined their taste is.convenience



Yes, Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday, but there’s no reason you can’t celebrate a day early at Soads. This is an especially good option if you don’t actually have a date because you’re likely to encounter other single people on the dance floor. And, if you really hit it off, you could even stop at G-Heav after to solidify the romance.



*Disclaimer: If you have a terrible date at one of the above mentioned locations, this is solely a reflection on you. Therefore, we can take no responsibility for your own romantic failings.