Overheard at Yale: Best of 2014


Between study woes and raccoon sightings, James Franco, and an intense rivalry with Harvard, 2014 was an exciting year for Yalies. Here are the top posts from each month that we saw on Overheard at Yale:


J a n u a r y

1. So humble.


2. #nbd

1 ok


3. There’s snow way I could recreate this


F e b r u a r y

4. This squirrel knows that Pizza>Everything


5. Basically how we all feel during midterms:


M a r c h

6. Shout out to you, Lupita Nyong’o!


7. “They do things like this in class but then it’s never on the midterm”


8. The *damn* president




A p r i l

10. So sad. So true.


11. HYFR


M a y

12. When we realized that we are all terrible people.


13. Sterling, indeed.


J u n e

14. OooOOh


J u l y

15. smh, Explo kids

7 ok


A u g u s t

16. This class review deserves an award.

8 ok


17. That’s when you know the freshmen are here…


S e p t e m b e r

18. But the freshmen aren’t so bad, after all.


19. Survival skills. We all need them.


20. Well, shit.




O c t o b e r 

22. The beautiful time when Yalies came together with strength, love, and resilience.

10.2 ok


23. The terribly satisfying moment when the scaffolding finally came off:


24. Which Women’s Table is the real one?

10 ok

(Man in costume: Michael Cohen)


N o v e m b e r

25. Ouch. Just ouch.


26. Just chillin’


27. That hat. That stache.


28. Why, hello, Harvard


29. Harvard deserves an A for effort. And F for fail.


30. SAY WHAT?!


31. #sucks2suck

 (PC: Pablo Napolitano)

32. I feel ya, man. I feel ya.


D e c e m b e r

33. When things got heated, but “Peter Salovey is still the man.”


34. It’s the thought that counts…




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