Halloween 2017 Costume Contest Winner

You may have already traded in the Jack-O-lanterns for a Christmas tree, but some congratulations are in order for Yalies who totally killed it this Halloweekend.



After painstakingly counting the amount of Facebook likes submissions received on The Boola’s Facebook page, a winner has risen above the rest, as if sitting on the porch of a strangely light and foundation-less house, lifted into the air by a bouquet of balloons, no doubtably arranged by the saltiest Party City employee on the planet.


Drum roll please…..






Congratulations TanTan Wang ’20 and Sam Levatich ’17! 


TanTan and Sam got 152 likes during the voting period with their Russell and Carl from Pixar’s UP! costume

We reached out to TanTan and don’t worry, we asked what you were dying to know…

Boola: How? How did you come up with such an amazing costume? How did you not succumb to running to Dollar Tree, picking up some cat ears and joining the hoards of other dogs, bunnies, devils and angels? *

TanTan: I’ve always related somewhat to the character Russell from the movie Up in terms of personality, so the physical similarities only made me want a Russell costume more! It started in September during a duty, when I told one of the FroCos that he resembled “that old guy” from Up. Of course, an idea was born and so we planned! Unfortunately, no one sells a Russell costume so I put together the pieces like the clothes and backpack from various sources and made the sash, badges, and flag myself!

(* paraphrase of the actual question asked. It was over Facebook at midnight, I didn’t want to scare him off with my over zealousness)

Although TanTan was our winner, and gets a swanky gift card to Blue State, we have a few other notable mentions:

Alexandra Smith ’18 and Surya Dutta ’18: a cute and historically referential costume for a cuter and admittedly less historically referential couple


Liana Wang ’20: a strong female costume brought in an significant amount of votes. Will a strong female get a lot of votes tomorrow? We shall see.


Shireen Roy ’19: Does she put her bra on one boob at a time? I don’t know. The Boola didn’t ask that although she’s on our humor team. That would have been grounds to call The Boola’s HR team, if we had one.


Grant Berland ’19: the ghost of campus-wide social upheavals past aka The Christakis email. Yes, that’s the actual email taped to his body. Yes, he actually did this in public.


Thanks for everyone’s participation! Join us this time next year when the Halloweekend costume glory is back up for grabs.