9 Songs You Should Know for Spring Fling

Spring Fling is upon us and it is time to get pumped. Despite some backlash about the homogeneity of the lineup this year, there is still plenty to be psyched about. Spring Fling is featuring some great artists this year and even though you might have never heard of some of them before, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a chance. Here are some of the best songs to get you ready to sing along at Spring Fling, have a good time, dance, and enjoy the music.

 Jessie J

This year Spring Fling’s headliner is Jessie J in case you’ve been living under a rock (or Bass). Most people are familiar with Jessie J’s smash hit, “Bang Bang” featuring a Holy Trinity of pop music princesses: Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and Jessie J, of course. Still, for others who haven’t heard of Jessie J, here are some of her best tracks to get you ready for when she takes over Old Campus this spring.

1) Bang Bang feat. Nicki Minaj, & Ariana Grande

There’s really no way to not include “Bang Bang” on this list, considering that theres a 110% that Jessie J will perform this come Spring Fling. This song is infectious, soulful, and powerful. Supported by unapologetically blaring horns and a pounding drumline, the three sirens seem to be leading the coolest, baddest pop marching band in the history of womankind. Jessie J kills it with the vocals and Nicki has bought the copyrights by the end of her verse (per usual). Ariana Grande’s sweet and light voice kind of pales in comparison to Jessie’s diva runs and Nicki’s fire, but at least she tried. Altogether the trio make the kind of pop diva tag team we haven’t seen since “Lady Marmelade”.

2) Domino

“Domino” is the kind of song you dance to around in your room when no one else is at home. It’s a fun and catchy guilty pleasure, relying on a sugary melody made in pop music heaven. It’s kind of impossible to not a feel a little happier once this song kicks into its chorus as Jessie J belts out “Rock my world into the sunlight, make this dream the best I’ve ever known”. With its glossy hooks and glittery lyrics, Jessie J creates something like a pop ballad homage to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”. If Jessie J performs this at Spring Fling (altough I can’t imagine why she wouldn’t) it will definitely be epic.

3) Price Tag feat B.o.B.

Price Tag is the single that catapulted Jessie J to the pop forefront. It’s melodious and carefree, with a subtle reggae bounce that carries the melody along. B.o.B. says some sort-of-relevant words at some point, but the song is driven by Jessie’s soulful vocals. She sings, “Wanna make the world dance, forget about the price tag” and further insists, “It’s not about the money, money, money” winning our hearts and making you want to quit school, forget about that Goldman Sachs job you have lined up after graduation, and pursue your dream of opening your own chain of gourmet restaurants for hamsters (our senses do come back by the end of song, thank God.). It has a warm vintage flair to it and it’s perfect for blasting in your car with your windows down (while driving past the financial aid office).


St. Lucia

Ok, so despite what you’ve heard the next artist on the Spring Fling lineup, St. Lucia is not a Caribbean island (ok it is, but you know what I mean)- however his style of synth-laden pop does take on a tropical and island vibe. The South African-born and Brooklyn-raised musician’s sound is often described as indie electronic pop or island indie pop and offers clear, crisp vocals against cool and laidback melodies. If you like artists and groups like Bastille, Phoenix, Washed Out, Empire of the Sun, or Haim, then you should definitely check out St. Lucia. Here are some of his best tracks to get you started.

1) All Eyes On You

This song is actually amazing. It starts off with  ambient wave-like synths overlaid by a steady bassline, creating a calm, rhythmic tide that laps over the whole track as St. Lucia sings his chill yet chant-like chorus. The whole song shimmers like light being refracted on the ocean’s surface. However, the best part of the song is definitely the smoky saxophone solo that weaves into the mix, backed by a crisp piano riff. It’s a laidback, refreshing, and fun track that I really hope St. Lucia performs.

2) Elevate

Elevate is  more up-tempo but still employs St. Lucia’s standard synths and piano. However, listening to this track, you realize St. Lucia can actually sing. His voice soars over the sparkling array of horns, clap-like synths, and carefree island melody. It’s a truly elevating song and it’s hard to not feel happier listening to it. St. Lucia  has to perform this song. But actually.

3) The Night Comes Again

This song has a slower tempo, taking on a more 80’s pop ballad feel, with St. Lucia singing of memories of friends and wondering to himself, “Oh the night’s coming again, are we gonna fade away?” With its  synth-laden, catchy hooks, thick wall of synths, and St. Lucia’s wistful and romantic lyrics,  it sounds like it could have been one of the last songs played at Zack Morris’ senior prom, or at least a modern, glossier version. Nonetheless, it’s still the kind of song to cap off a great night of fun and memories.



Who? What? Why? Ok, don’t worry, everything will make sense. Klingande (pronounced KLING-OND) is a French house producer duo team of Cédric Steinmyller and Edgar Catry, known for its stylish use of atmosphere, saxophone, and piano. The beats are made to be danced to and are fun, breezy, and kind of coastal, like St. Lucia’s sound. Klingande’s sound definitely has a more of dance club vibe, though, but still remains cool and aloof. They’re definitely worth checking out, especially if you like Swedish House Mafia, Calvin Harris, and Tiësto.

1) Punga

This song pretty much epitomizes Klingande’s sound. Its gliding piano riffs, soft tambourine, lush synths, and characteristic saxophone solo come together to create a sublime atmosphere. With its island flair and percussion, it’s the perfect for easing your way into the warmth and chill vibes of summertime.

2) Jubel

Klingande is definitely going to perform his number one single, “Jubel”. It features another stylish and luxurious saxophone melody, interweaved with clear vocals, deep, wobbly synths, and dynamic percussion. Its layers come together to form a euphoric summer dance track that’s sure to be one of THE best tracks played at Spring Fling this year.

3) RIVA feat. Broken Back

Klingande approaches a new sound with “RIVA”, crossing elements of country with house to create one cool, dance track. The harmonica (no saxophone this time) creates a cool, western pop sound that, along with the pulsing rhythm, turns the song into a kind of house music meets square dance hybrid.