Five Spring Trends of 2017

No matter how uncooperative the weather is currently being, it is in fact spring! This means that we can shed our winter clothes like Taylor Swift sheds her skin and embrace the trends of the season. Though a lot of these styles have bled over from different seasons, each season brings its own twist to the trend that keeps it fresh and relevant for that time. I have compiled a list of some of my favorite and some of the most ubiquitous trends for this spring season so that you can keep them on your radar!

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I really cannot stress both how prevalent this trend is and how much I love it. It reminds me of the intricate embroidery patterns found in Mexico (my grandma embroiders beautiful flowers on tortilla towels all the time). This trend is great because it can really take something plain and basic to something extremely special and unique. Though embroidered flowers and birds can be found everywhere, my favorite way this trend is used is to liven up a relatively plain piece, like a white t-shirt, a pair of jeans, or a bomber jacket.
*Fashion tip: Buying a brand new embroidered jean jacket can be expensive, luckily embroidered flower patches that can be either ironed on or stuck on to clothing exist and are a great way of making clothes you currently own more ~trendy~.



Bomber Jackets
These lightweight jackets are great for spring (once the weather starts cooperating) because they can be thrown over any outfit and they provide just the right amount of protection. They automatically give any outfit a cool, sporty vibe. Bomber jackets pair very well with a white tee and boyfriend jeans or they can be paired with a fun floral dress to add a bit edge.



Athletic Wear

This is another truly wonderful trend because not only do you get to wear comfy workout clothes and not work out, but you also get to look super ~cool~. This trend really took off with the help of Kylie Jenner. She can frequently be seen on her Instagram in form fighting two piece legging and sweater sets or cropped track suits that somehow work?? Well, we all can’t be Kylie Jenner, but very wearable options from this trend are cropped hoodies, leggings with cutouts/cool designs, or joggers.

French Terry Sweatpants

Block Heels
This trend is a god send for anyone who is incompetent at walking in heels, i.e. me. This style comes in all sorts of colors and variations, but the basic premise of it is a very wearable shoe with a short to medium height, block heel. These shoes would look totally chic with a pair of jeans or they would add flirty flair to a skirt or dress. Never underestimate what a pair of heels can do for your legs!

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Glossy Everything
Matte lipstick has been all the rage for quite some time now because of its intense color and high staying power, but glossy lips have made quite the comeback. Even the well-known online makeup company, Colourpop, which has gained fame for their Ultra Matte Lipsticks, have started an Ultra Glossy Lip line. Though I remain a firm believer of matte lipstick, there is no denying that lip gloss just makes your lips look healthier and fuller. Glossy lips give a super fab finish to a full-face look or can up the softness of a simple look. But this trend does not stop there! Glossy eyelids are a thing (they are glorious) and poppin’ highlight has been a major trend for a while now and it is still going strong so that you can glow like a delicious glazed donut.

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