Five New Places for a Campus Tour

We’ve all been on or seen a Yale campus tour. There’s always the prerequisite sites—Beinecke, Sterling, the statue of Theodore Woolsey—but, as many students will tell you, oftentimes the locations that cause the most awe aren’t necessarily these well-frequented touristy places. Let the Boola introduce you to some of the most exotic and sublime locations on campus that Yale Admissions should totally add to the tour itinerary.

  1. An empty cubicle in Bass: The only thing rarer than this is written on papyrus and kept in the temperature-controlled shelves of Beinecke. Cozy, semi-soundproof, and private, the Bass cubicles are ideal study spaces and have been known to cause unprecedented amounts of hope and angst among students, who would oft walk by a seemingly empty cubicle only for it to be occupied by someone else’s laptop and backpack. Image result for library cubicle gif
  2. The basement of Farnam: Situated on Old Campus, Farnam Hall is known for its excellent location and the twenty-one laundry machines in the basement—the perfect place for Old Campus freshmen to do their laundry at 2 AM on Monday. Prospective students will admire the striking $3.00 charge for washing and drying as well as the occasional cockroach that wanders by.Image result for laundry gif
  3. The walk up Science Hill: Perhaps one of Yale’s most scenic routes, the road leading up to Science Hill is the ideal location for observing the life cycle of hope in students’ faces—from optimism as they amble past Silliman and the CEID, to frustration as they hike beyond Watson, to abject misery when they finally reach Sterling or Sloane. Hey, at least you’ll lose those calories from the Durfee’s chicken tenders you stress-ate yesterday.Image result for tired walking gif
  4. The Branford Buttery: Are you unafraid of the dark? Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Do you feel like going to a haunted house all the time? Have no fear—or have some fear—because the Branford basement isn’t scheduled for remodeling until the summer of 2019. Until then, it’ll remain dark, damp, and creepy, with exposed wires and pipes galore. It’ll be a great juxtaposition to their courtyard on a campus tour.Image result for haunted basement gif
  5. Taco Bell© Cantina: It’s so beautiful, students have been known to cry in its presence. Sure, so it’s not exactly on campus, but few places have caused so much joy among Yale students. The new Taco Bell© Cantina is twice the size of your average Taco Bell, and has gold paint on the walls to showcase its total superiority over your average Taco Bell. Does your average Taco Bell carry margaritas? No? Well, Taco Bell© Cantina has you covered. You must be over the age of 21 to drink in the state of CT, etc. etc. Image result for taco bell gif