Career Catcher’s Guide to Finding Your Dream Job

We know the dreaded feeling when summer is fast approaching and the pressure to find your ideal job is ever increasing. Your friends around you are scribbling notes in ‘Case in Point’, dressing in suits to attend recruiting events and are suddenly best friends with that senior who’s going to start at JP Morgan next year.

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Don’t worry. A new start up called Career Catcher has just launched on Yale’s campus that is bucking the trend and helping transform an arduous job hunt into an efficient, effective and rewarding system. Basically, the app provides a cool way to find other students at Yale who’ve worked in industries you’re interested in. Once you’ve found them, Career Catcher facilitates meetings and interview preparation that will hold you in much better stead than scouring the Internet for tips ever would. Here’s how to make the most out of Career Catcher

1. Sign Up

Pretend you’re Christy Smith, a budding entrepreneur who wants to land a job at Google. Christy wants to find students at Yale who’ve successfully been through the Google interview process and can give her the pointers she needs to get into Google. She signs up to Career Catcher in 3 simple steps:

  1. She first selects whether she is signing up to be an interviewer or an applicant.
  2. She then tells Career Catcher about the job she is aiming for including the industry, sub-industry and company.
  3. And to finish up, she tells the site more about herself such as her major, college and extracurricular activities.

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2. Create a Profile

Christy’s information is collated into a profile page that becomes her face to potential Yale interviewers. The information from her profile is used by Career Catcher’s algorithm to match Christy with potential interviewers. Essentially, the hard work is done for you, as Career Catcher scans its entire database of interviewers and gives you a list of the top interviewers for the job you want.

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3. Get Searching

Christy can now begin her search for an interviewer on Career Catcher. She can filter her search based on the industry, sub industry and company she is applying to. She can also filter the search based on her major, college, class year and extracurriculars if she is looking to find interviewers from her community. She can click on any advisor to view their full profile and find one that fits her needs.

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4. Make a Booking

Christy’s found her ideal advisor. He’s available to interview her this Friday and is offering his advice free of charge. Mark has spent two years working at Google and is going back after finishing his MBA at SOM. Christy makes a booking with Mark and sends him a message with a few details about what she wants to get out of the session.


5. Meet Your Match

Once Mark confirms, all that’s left for Christy is to get to her session and, in doing so, take a giant leap towards landing her dream job at Google!

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No manic pressure, no last minute scrambling, no sleepless nights.

It’s painless, it’s easy and it’s the best way to land your dream job.

It’s Career Catcher.


Be sure to check out the website at!