Best Dressed: Game of Thrones Edition

Game of Thrones is a traumatizing bloodbath; there’s no getting around it—I have lost so much sleep over this show. But one must take comfort where they can and it cannot be denied that the costume design for this show is 10/10. The costume designer, Michele Clapton, is a certified genius who puts so much thought and detail into what every character wears. Because I’m still recovering from this last season and am not ready to stop thinking about Game of Thrones, I’ve put together the list of most iconic outfits on the show (according to me).

Note: I mean at this point who hasn’t watched GoT or at least been made aware of all the major plot points by the internet? Nevertheless, it is my duty to inform you all that this list is riddled with spoilers because I have a lot of feelings and can’t help but share them. Also, this list contains outfits from season 7, so tread with caution if you aren’t caught up!

Margaery Tyrell in Renly’s Camp

Ah how I miss these simpler days. Honestly, a Westeros ruled by Renly and Margaery would have been a pretty poppin’ place. Margaery’s dress for her debut to the show when Catelyn comes to visit Renly’s camp is ICONIC. That plunging neckline is such a bold statement and looks stunning on her. The attached cape with the gold detailing that goes down the plunging neckline adds a queenly flair with the strength in the shoulders.

Side note: I just wanted to give a shoutout to Renly because his crown choice is one of the best in the whole show.


Daenerys Targaryen (the early-ish times)

Daenerys has gone through quite a style transition from season 1 to season 7 which makes total sense considering how different her life was then as compared to now. While doing research for this article, I stumbled upon this amazing number I had totally forgotten about. As we will soon see, Dany has moved way passed this style of clothing (not just because it’s winter so it would also be very impractical), but there are some motifs that have stuck since this early time. Even in this softer, more revealing dress, Dany is sticking to her favored silhouette in the shoulder, albeit it is less pronounced here than it will be in later seasons. I also like that despite the overall softness, there are still plenty of dragon-like qualities all throughout the dress. The fabric of the bust part looks like scales and the darker lining of the dress straight up looks like dragon skin. Do not be fooled by this ensemble, she is still the Mother of Dragons after all.


Loras Tyrell’s Armor at the Tourney for the Hand of the King

Unfortunate as the hair is, Loras’s armor is stunning in this episode. The vines that twine around the armor with the flowers that actually stick out is just so pretty. What I especially love about this is that it’s a nod to how Loras is dressed in the books at this tourney. In the books, Loras wears a cloak fully made out of literal flowers and I was obsessed with that idea. I suppose that would be a little impractical/difficult to make for the show, but I love this interpretation of that idea.


Sansa Stark’s Wedding Dress to Ramsay

Sansa being forced to marry that sicko, Ramsay, was one of the worst nights of my life. The only possible silver lining to that event was Sansa’s wedding dress, which was beautiful. The quilted fabric and the fur layered on top is so northern and elegant. Her hair is lovely, though it is tightly bound without a hair out of place to maybe show how hard she is trying to keep all her emotions under wraps.


Margaery Tyrell with Sansa (and then that weird crossbow scene with Joffrey)

This is arguably Margaery’s most iconic dress—if you look up Margaery cosplays, they will most likely be wearing the dress from this episode. With good reason because I mean look at it!!! The dress sports an open back, cutouts on the side, and a plunging neckline. God bless Margaery’s affinity for plunging necklines. The addition that elevates the dress from beautiful to legendary is the rose belt that adorns it. It serves as a reminder that she is a Tyrell first and foremost, even if she is in the lions’ den.


Cersei Lannister Showing Littlefinger What’s up

Don’t get it twisted, I hate Cersei Lannister as much as the next person, but damn does this twisted, psycho alcoholic have good taste in clothes or what. I particularly love this look because it is the beginning stages of Cersei’s incorporation of armor-like pieces into her everyday aesthetic. Cersei has always thought of herself as a sort of woman warrior, and I think this gold armored bodice really embodies that. I know season 3 was a long time ago, but let’s all remember that there was a very real, but subtle, power struggle going on between Cersei and Margaery. The latter showing off her youthful beauty in fun, revealing dresses while Cersei tried to keep up in the way she knew best: her strength. The power struggle played out on screen is mirrored through their clothing all throughout season 3 which, again, proves what a genius Clapton is.


Missandei (aka the best, most deserving person ever)

Missandei is not only beyond beautiful, but the smartest person on GoT (sorry Tyrion fans). I just want to take a quick second to light a prayer candle to that time she corrected Melisandre (long may she suffer) on her high Valyrian and totally changed the game. I love her so much. Anyway, Missandei’s choice of crop tops is always top notch, but I particularly liked the looks she was serving this episode—the armor-like quality of her top looks so Targaryen conquest ready and I liked that it’s paired with a long loose skirt.


Oberyn Martell in this snazzy, yellow outfit

Oh Oberyn, you were the hero that Westeros needed but definitely did not deserve. Ugh someone please make this a canvas print for me to hang up in my suite because Oberyn is just so beautiful. I adore the Dornish sun embroidered all over his jacket and the color looks so good on him. The jewels in the middle of the suns on his shoulder is a really nice touch that reminds you of his high status as a Prince of Dorne.


Joffrey Baratheon (the actual worst) in his wedding outfit

In no way do I want to talk about Joff, but it must be admitted that his wedding ensemble was fabulous. The detailed gold brocade goes so well with the deep burgundy and I want someone to tell me where I can purchase that belt. Joffrey’s crown is also pretty cool (the only Baratheon thing about this outfit) but as discussed early, Renly’s crown is the best Baratheon crown.


Sansa Stark’s Dress during the Battle of the Bastards

The sight of this dress made me burst out in TEARS. Sansa Stark finally being able to rep the direwolf of House Stark completely by her own free will was too much for me honestly. The embroidery is beautiful and no doubt she did it herself as she sat imagining Ramsay’s well deserved death. Plus the fur over her shoulders is classic Stark. Also I love seeing my girl sporting the Northern braid which just solidifies the beautiful Stark-ness of it all.



A shoutout has got to go to Greyworm for his choice in armor here. It fits him so perfectly and the stud detailing is enough to make it interesting, but if we know anything about Greyworm, it’s that he’s not here for frivolous impracticalities, so it is not over the top at all. I also love that the shoulders are flaring out in the characteristic way we see all of Dany’s glam squad gearing towards in season 6 and 7.

P.S. Greyworm + Missandei forever and ever


Margaery Tyrell’s Wedding Dress to Joffrey

From head to toe, Margaery looks FABULOUS! Her hair is truly a modern miracle and I love how much this dress screams “Tyrell.” Unlike some of the other weddings we’ve seen on this show (ahem Sansa’s…) the Lannister’s do not have a strong grip over Margaery, who has her own agenda. This dress, with its thorny vines crawling all up the front of the bodice and the (handmade) roses trailing all along the train, shows that she is in control of herself. The fact that the vines have spiked thorns that come off the dress is borderline aggressive that maybe foreshadows Joff’s sweet death later on this episode.


Jaime Lannister’s Armor during the Loot Train Battle

Jaime Lannister is a beautiful human being (with an awesome story arc, but that’s another conversation entirely) and fully suited up in his armor is truly a glorious sight to behold. And on a beautiful white horse, honestly I can think of nothing more aesthetically pleasing. The lions on his shoulders and the intricate engravings on the front are amazing. I also love the pop of dark red leather on the breastplate.


Ellaria Sand

Say what you will about Ellaria and her problematic actions, she is a drop dead gorgeous and this outfit is the reason I wake up every morning. The pointed shoulders are so interesting and the brassiere + plunging neckline combination is so hot. Accessorizing is also on point with that cool bangle and the head chain is the best part. I also just really love that what she is wearing is so different from what is worn by the ladies at King’s Landing. It sets her apart and reminds us that Dorne has its own history and its own way of doing things.


Oberyn Martell

Wow Oberyn’s time on GoT was truly a blessing for us all, I mean just look at him!! This super detailed brocade outfit is stunning and fits him so well. I also think it’s really interesting because despite its complexity, it still manages to be a fairly simple outfit due to its clean tailoring. I don’t know about you, but that sounds a lot like Oberyn Martell as a character and he was great because of it.


Daenerys Targaryen landing on Dragonstone for the first time!!!

We have all been waiting YEARS for this moment and it was just as amazing as I had hoped it would be (the ensuing leadership decisions thereafter are a completely different story, but the landing at Dragonstone was beautiful). I am loving the full on Aegon the Conqueror circa 300 years ago coming to snatch Westeros’s weave vibes. But seriously, this conquest outfit is a culmination of Dany carefully crafting what she wanted her Targaryen aesthetic to be. You have the super strong shoulders, all black, scaly details, and harsh lines. It led to a really bold figure as she walked across the beach and up the steps to the castle.


Trystane Martell

Though Trystane only showed up on screen for like 5 minutes total, he was definitely serving me some looks. I just really love the Dornish men’s style of clothing—the interesting patterns, open fronts, and unique silhouette. I particularly like the choice of color and his gold chain. Plus, he is such a cutie and he and Myrcella deserved happiness, not death on a ship.


Cersei Lannister at her peak crazy

At this point, Cersei only has one redeeming quality left (her cheekbones) because all her kids are dead and she was responsible for the last one (just saying). But damn, she certainly revved up her look after her time in jail. Her crown is beyond beautiful and the detailing on this dress is spectacular. Throughout season 7, you see her continued affinity for armor-like pieces as she had started showing as early as season 3, but now in no way is she trying to gracefully meld it into her outfit. It is meant to stand out and make a statement.



Season 7 Sansa Stark is the reason I LIVE. She is powerful, in control, and finally the lady of her own home. Sansa has steered to a mostly all black aesthetic that is tailored to fit her perfectly and provides a lot of structure to her frame. As can be seen in this picture, the shoulders flare out a bit which gives a more powerful silhouette. The belt she has taken to wearing with most of her outfits is a really interesting detail that the show’s costume designer, Michele Clapton, said Sansa wears to be in control of her own body and to keep everything together. Which is sad, but understandable after all she’s been through. The direwolf pins under her collar are a super nice touch and stand out against the all black. Also that body chain is A LOOK.


So that’s a wrap on what I think are the best Game of Thrones outfits of all time! I am super excited for next season and wish that it had come out like yesterday. Unfortunately, we have a long wait ahead of us, but try to hold yourself over by reading overly specific articles like this one.