3 Steps to Happiness

1. Savor Your Slifka Cookie.


Take a single cookie on a single plate and sit alone in a dining hall. Clear your palate then clear your mind of everything but this piece of sugar and dough in front of you. Taste it as if, in a catastrophic statistical fluke, the entire planet had misplaced the recipe for cookies.  As if it were the last cookie in the world.  Your muscles should go limp.  Your mind should go blank.  Chew until you disappear and only the cookie remains.


2. Go to a Floating Dance Party.

The best floating dance party of all time

The Sufi mystic, Mawlānā Rumi, helped develop the whirling Dervishes as a method of connecting with the divine through ritual dance.  At Yale, Floating Dance Parties (FDPs) may be the surest and safest way to dance like crazy.  You meet up with other dance-people, plug into the same music stream, and dance around campus like lunatics all night long.


 3. Meditate at the Buddhist shrine beneath Harkness Tower.










Spiritual traditions across the world use focused meditation to attain spiritual bliss and fetch happiness from our deepest wells of spirit.  The Buddhist shrine in the base of Harkness Tower has weekly meditation sessions led by Maya Major every Thursday at 7pm.