A Sweeter Suite: Five Ways To Make Your Suite Feel Like Home

If your suite feels more like a chaotic void instead of a space of happiness, warmth, and comfort — it’s time to make some changes. Making your suite feel more like a home than an impersonal common space doesn’t require a lot of money, time, or effort. Read on for five ways to make your suite sweeter.

1. Bring life to your suite with plants. Especially now that winter is (finally) coming to an end, bring life to your suite with some plants! Either pick up a tiny potted plant from a nursery, or make a trip to the Dollar Store. My suitemates and I bought soil (low-quality soil, but soil nonetheless) and four different types of flower seeds at the Dollar Store. We also bought plain cups that we filled with soil and planted seeds in. Within days, the seeds sprouted; we now have a windowsill garden that is the pride and joy of our suite. Bringing greenery into your suite will make it feel more like home, and having something to care for (even though the only “care” required is watering) can seriously boost your mood.

2. Create a quote wall. To create a quote wall, you’ll need nothing more than a plain piece of paper (or colored paper, if you feel fancy). Tape it to one of the walls of your suite, and use it to document the memorable, funny, and bizarre things your suitemates say. To keep it anonymous, don’t attribute the quotes to whoever said them. As you continue adding to your quote wall, you’ll find yourself laughing about the quotes, reminiscing about good times, and trying to remember who said what. And shouting “QUOTE WALL!” whenever one of your suitemates says something worthy of the wall. 

3. Decorate for the holidays. Again, this idea is inexpensive (the Dollar Store sells great decorations for every holiday, from Halloween to St. Patrick’s Day), so you’ll never need to spend more than a few dollars to bring holiday spirit to your suite. Decorate the windows with window clings, hang a garland, and decorate your mantle — if you have one — with spirited decor. As frivolous as decorating may seem, it can help you get into the holiday spirit, and it can be very fun to decorate with your suitemates. My suitemates and I still have holiday decor (a snowman wall decoration and Santa window clings) in our suite, and we have no intentions of taking it down anytime soon.4. Create a communal food bowl. While being possessive with your food is completely understandable, a food basket is a great way to keep the snacks you do want to share with your suitemates in one place. All you need is a basket and a place to keep it (such as a coffee table, but anywhere is fine) — and food! Fill it with fruit you grab from the dining hall, snacks from Durfee’s, packets of hot chocolate and tea, and whatever else you get a hold of. Everyone contributes, everyone benefits, and everyone will have snacks to enjoy or to grab when in a rush.

 5. Focus on the details. The smallest details can truly transform your suite from a disastrous space shared by frazzled, messy college students to a space that feels like a second home. If you don’t want to invest in a tapestry, a colorful, patterned sheet or blanket can make one of the walls of your suite look amazing. Hang up pictures, which you can print easily at CVS Pharmacy or Walgreens. These details can brighten up even the drabbest suites.

Thanks for reading! Do you have other ideas to make your suite feel more like home? Let us know in the comments.