5 Ways Yalies Need to Destress

In that never-ending midterm slump? G-Cal looking more like a game of Tetris than an actual calendar? Caving in due to the pressures of being by surrounded by other Yalies while also unable to cope with the fact that you still don’t know what you want to do with your life?


We’ve all been there. Better yet, most if not all of us are still there, and that’s okay.

1.) Treat Yo Self!

A day where you pamper yourself and indulge in whatever way possible doesn’t have to come around just once a year.

Sleeping. Eating. Spending all that earned and/or finessed money.

Achieving that peak enlightenment in whatever fashion that pleases your soul. That’s all we want for you. 

When the going gets rough and you’re in the dumps, treat yo self!

*unless you have someone to do it for you, then seize the day sis!

2.) Breathe- But Try To Take More In Than Just Air

Okay, but no seriously.

Take a step back and take a deep breath of fresh air. Use just a few of those precious minutes out of your day to decompress and step outside to embrace nature. 

If that’s too cliché for a piece of advice, there’s actual science that describes the benefits of inhaling essential oils, both psychological and physically speaking.

So whether you want to be surrounded by the sleep-inducing aroma of lavender, energize with citrus scents, or simply want to enjoy Christmas in July with peppermint, there are plenty of options to explore. Even without oils, there are other alternatives such as candles, flowers, etc.

Caution: IF there’s one time to do your reading, its when handling essential oils. High school chemistry finally being put to use!

Caution for the Caution: Please don’t burn anything down with your candles except that negative aura!

3.) Remember That You’re Human Too

Let’s face it, Yalies are busy.

Some of us “seem” to be juggling everything all at once, running all over the place. With classes, extracurriculars, and balancing a social life all at once, things can get hectic.

More often than not, most of us forget that we’re more than just students and actually humans. We continue to be a part of such a fast-paced environment that it more times than not, everything feels like it’s in rush. From the little things such as how we carry about our day to day to simply the way in how we talk to one another, at times Yalies can forget they’re not robots and not living in the moment.

Albeit Yalies may not always feel this way, for some, these feelings at times become internalized and affect their mental health, furthering stressing them out.

Remembering to take care of yourself is one thing but doing it is a totally different story. From taking a short walk, to ranting to any person who cares to listen, or simply detracting yourself from everything, all are just some ways to taking care of mental health.

More importantly however, is simply reminding yourself to be genuine and to know yourself with the effects of having such mentality to come afterwards.  

4.) Snip Snip

Sometimes, it really do be like that and you are your own biggest enemy. Overbooking yourself and handling too much is often a trap many of us fall into.

Maybe it can be a class that just amounts to too much when considering everything else happening. Maybe it can be an extracurricular or activity that takes up too much of your time or something such as a certain person or people that create unnecessary drama.

Reiterating take care of yourself, knowing when to cut something off or dropping something is not an idea that many are comfortable with, especially first years. Having the ability to recognize when something cannot be done or achieved is not one that comes easy nor one that should be ashamed of.

Whether it be dropping a class, opting to longer pursue an activity, or simply cutting off an source of toxicity from your life pays dividends in the long run.

For many Yalies, some of the extra stress that we bear can be avoided by simply no longer continuing or partaking in whatever in causing it.

5.) Seek Out Extra Help

Yale is hard. Anyone who has not felt that at any point has simply not wanted to admit it.

However, only at Yale can you find others who are going through the same thing or have gone through it, and are willing to help. Every one here talks about the resources that Yale offers, but sometimes it is the most accessible and most usable ones that are the most impactful. Those generally take form in the people you surround yourself with, whether it be your friends, mentors, professors, etc.

Recognizing the need for aid and then acting upon it is often the hardest part, being more difficult to overcome than whatever probing issue lingers sometimes, especially in regards to those whose who are accustomed to working things out by themselves. However, no one here should have to deal with the stress of Yale here all alone or without any additional support. With various outlets around you just waiting to be utilized, take advantage of what’s is there for you.

They’re there for a reason.