5 Scary Stories that will Spook Every College Student

1. It’s 1 AM. You decide to go through your emails from today, open them, and delete them. There seem to be a lot more emails than yesterday. All of them from after midnight. None of them seem important, so you just delete all of them without looking. You see the inbox tab. No unread emails in your inbox. You sigh a sigh of relief. You close your computer, go into your bed and open your phone. An email notification. That’s strange at this time of night. You open your emails and are shocked. 666 UNREAD EMAILS! The sender? YOURSELF! It’s Halloween.


2. You stay up all night studying for a very important final the next day. The final starts at 2 PM so you want to wake up at 12 to get dressed, eat, and still have time to study a bit before the test. You go to sleep, worried about the next day. You open your eyes in the morning to the sounds of your alarm. The entire room is covered in cobwebs and the paint on the walls are peeling. Your roommate isn’t there. It looks like no one has been there in years. You look out the window and there’s nothing but a desolate wasteland. You are scared and confused and check your phone. You accidentally set your alarm for 12 AM in 3016! YOU MISSED YOUR FINAL AND ALL YOUR LOVED ONES ARE LONG GONE!


3. You enter the dining hall. Today is Vegan Gardein Chicken Piccata day. Your favorite. You grab two pieces of the delicious chicken alternative and sit down. You realize you forgot a knife, and come back to the table and notice something seems quite off. You eat your Vegan Gardein Chicken Piccata slowly yet suspiciously. You finish it all, and notice that it doesn’t taste quite right. You feel something stuck in your teeth and pull it out. IT’S AN ENTIRE HUMAN HAND! VEGAN CHICKEN IS ACTUALLY PEOPLE!


4. You are running late to section. You didn’t even have time to do the reading for this section, so you were planning on just sitting quietly and hoping you don’t get called on. You were so busy this weekend, you spent your entire time in the library studying. You were only in your suite to wake up and sleep. You haven’t had any human interaction at all and you feel like you desperately need someone to talk to. You walk into section and everyone seems very quiet. There’s a somber air in the room. You sit down in the chair you’ve sat in all semester, and say hi to the person sitting next to you. They don’t acknowledge you, and the TA starts talking right away.  

“Did everyone do the reading today?”

“Yes,” the entire section replies. Everyone seems really serious today

You look over at the laptop of the kid sitting next to you, to try and maybe read a sentence off of it and speak first to seem like you did the reading.

You see the student open up the Canvas server and pull up the reading. You are speechless. The assigned reading? YOUR OWN OBITUARY!


5. It’s the the day of Winter Break and you’re excited to finally come home and see your again. You get off the plane and there is someone in a dark suit and dark glasses holding a sign with your name on it.

“Your parents asked me to pick you up,” he says, in an official voice.

You remember learning about stranger danger in elementary school, but you’re an adult college student now. This guy knows your name and your parents name, and you have your hand on your phone ready to call 9-1-1 if anything goes wrong. You sit in the back of this very nice limo. The windows are tinted so you can’t see out of them. You drive for what feels like forever. You check your phone and realize that a full day has gone by in this limo. Just when you start to panic, the door opens.

“We’re here,” he says in a monotone voice. You step out and he immediately drives away. You ring your doorbell, and there’s no answer. You pick up the key from under the mat and open the door. Everyone is asleep, so you just go to your bed, exhausted from the mysterious limo ride. You wake up in the morning to the sounds of your parents.

“How was the trip sweetie?” your mom says to you lovingly.

“You better be working hard this semester,” your dad tells you in his stern yet caring way.

Your eyes are still adjusting to the light.

“I love you, mom and da-” Your eyes finally adjust. You scream in terror at what you see. Those aren’t your parents. THAT’S NICK AND ERIKA CHRISTAKIS.