Yale’s Fab Five of the Week

Yale is full of beautiful, fashionable people. It just is. When I first arrived, the sheer amount of good looking people I saw was ridiculous. Here at the Boola, we think it’s time these trendy people get some recognition for looking awe-inspiring despite the college life. So here’s to those majestic creatures who can make it to class, study for midterms, finish those problem sets, and still look fabulous while doing it. Here are five of the most fabulous outfits we saw people sported across campus this past week. WARNING: These images will produce envy, but also inspiration.


Name: Alice Oh

College/Year: Pierson, Class of 2019

“These shoes are actually really old, like several decades. They were my aunt’s. She wore them when she was younger.”


IMG_1178 (1)_small

Name: Erifer Fernandez

College/Year: TD, Class of 2018

“I’ve been told not to wear navy blue with black, but I think it works.”



Name: Emma Soneson

College/Year: JE, Class of 2015

“I thought bold lipstick would give me a little more confidence for my thesis meeting today.”



Name: Alexa Derman

College/Year: Berkley, Class of 2019

“I’m in tech this week so I needed something to motivate me. I was trying to make myself feel better in some respect.”



Name: Jeremy Fischer

College/Year: Davenport, Class of 2019

“I like simplicity and colors. The less noise the better.”