Ten Ways to Find A Last Minute Screw Date

Did you forget about Screw? Did you miscommunicate with your suitemates? Is everyone in your life already paired up with someone else?

Don’t worry, the Boola’s got you covered. But no, we don’t want to go to screw with you.

1. Create a Tinder profile and swipe right on EVERYONE. Message the people that you match with, explaining that you photograph well.

tinder finger automated pressing phone


2. Take advantage of an unsuspecting non-profit group’s photo campaign.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 3.28.27 PM


3. Text all of your groupchats. All of them.texting iphone doojoon angry birds aw hell to the nawh


4. Try going with another pair of people, explaining to them that tricycles are far safer than bicycles, and just as aesthetically pleasing.

FOX Sports: Watch. Enjoy. Repeat. nascar california tricycle big wheel


5. Make a Facebook Status. Ask all of your friends to share it.

bacon facebook


6. Yik-Yak that you’ve heard that *insert your name here* is available for Screw and that someone should snatch *preferred gender pronoun* up.


7. Systematically make your way through all entryways and suites. Ask the Eidelson canvassers how to get into all the rooms.

cookie monster door sesame street smash slam


8. Go to Woads and bring up going to Screw as an icebreaker!

wet hot american summer awkward oops


9. Ask your Frocos if they’re willing to go with you.

please salma hayek begging


10. Q-Pac.

the end reaction parks and recreation parks and rec whatever