Oscars 2017 Fashion Recap

Another year, another round of fashion opinions from two random sophomores trying to avoid work! This year’s awards were super exciting, from Viola Davis’s eloquent acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress (we cried because she is the Queen of the Universe) to La La Land proving once again that Hollywood is in love with movies about itself. Also, the Best Picture presentation was ridiculous. After watching the video clip about a hundred times, we don’t know who to blame, but whatever the case, a huge congratulations to Moonlight and to Steve Harvey, who proved that no matter how badly you mess up, someone else can mess up more. So inspirational. Anyway, no matter how unreliable humans are, fashion is eternal, so let’s get on with the looks!

SR= Shireen Roy; CC= Carolina Carrillo



Ruth Negga in Valentino

ruth negga


CC: Ruth Negga is absolutely breathtaking in this dress! I really like the renaissance feel of the high neckline. Honestly, she’s enriched my life with every red carpet appearance– she’s always so well dressed!

SR: I’m uncultured so I’ve only ever seen her in Agents of Shield in which she was both beautiful and kind of terrifying–I do really want to see Loving, though! This dress is so elegant, and I think the sheer detailing makes it a lot more interesting. Her headpiece and earrings are lovely as well.

CC: Also, how amazing is that ACLU pin? I think it has been so important that celebrities are using this award show season as a platform to advocate for human rights. I am allllll about this.

SR: I love how outspoken a lot of celebs have been, and the pin pops really well against her dress. Seeing Lin-Manuel Miranda with his ACLU pin and Emma Stone with her Planned Parenthood one made me very happy.


Taraji P. Henson in Alberta Ferretti



SR: OH MY GOD. I actually can’t. Taraji could beat me up and take all of my money and I’d thank her. She looks like the most competent queen. That dress fits her so well and that slit and statement necklace are giving me life.

CC: SHE LOOKS SO HOT. I absolutely adore that the dress is all velvet and the diamonds around her neck are to die for! She looks like she scammed them from a man in cold blood.

SR: I know!! Also if you haven’t seen Hidden Figures you really should. It was so inspiring. When they brought Katherine Johnson out on stage during the show I almost cried.

CC: TRUTH! That was so precious. Pero like…I can’t get through this post without mentioning how insanely good her body looks though. So sexy!

SR: Lol okay. You’re right but calm down.


Janelle Monae in Elie Saab


SR: I would go to war for Janelle Monae. She’s outspoken, so brilliant, a musical goddess and the first two movies she acted in are both Best Picture nominees/winners? Like how? I don’t know how we got lucky enough to have her on campus last year, we’re so blessed. She looks like a sci-fi queen here.

CC: We straight up did not deserve her. This is HANDS DOWN my favorite look of the night. I am loving the futuristic alien queen of beauty vibes Janelle has been sporting this award show season.

SR: I love how the silver accents pop against the black of the dress and the luxe feel of the sheer top and the glamorous inner part of the dress. I also just think her headband is so cute; this look is so well-accessorized.

CC: The sheer top with the bird appliques and gold/silver accents is so breathtaking and I think makes it really unique. At first glance I think the dress can seem a bit overwhelming, but it is so cohesive and elegant. Ugh I’m emotional.


Chrissy Teigen (in Zuhair Murad) + John Legend


CC: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are my favorite couple in the entire world. THEY ARE JUST SO CUTE TOGETHER. They are my parents. I was LIVING for all their couple moments on the red carpet this year.

SR: They might be too fabulous to be your parents lol. I agree, they seem to love each other so much and Chrissy is hilarious. Low key John Legend was one of my favorite parts of La La Land even though I think I wasn’t supposed to like him.

CC: Lol you aren’t wrong, he was great. Also, Chrissy looks like a statuesque goddess! That color white really pops against her skin tone and that high slit is fierce!

SR: I also really love the detailing on the top part of her dress. I think a white, looser dress like that can risk looking boring but what with the slit and the detailing I think she looks very classy.


Auli’i Cravalho in Ruben Singer

HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 26: Actor Auli'i Cravalho attends the 89th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center on February 26, 2017 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

CC: AULI’I ES MI PRINCESA. LA ADORO. She is the best thing to come out of the shit show that was 2016 to be honest. She looks gorgeous and so poised– I think this is a really strong look for her first Oscars!

SR: How is this 16 year old more accomplished and beautiful than I will ever be? Moana makes me cry from happiness and so does she. I love the gold detail on this dress SO much, and combined with the flowiness of the dress she just looks like a true Disney princess. I also really loved the red dress she performed in.

CC: Her voice is insane! That performance was so good! I love that this dress is super age appropriate– because like she’s 16 and should be able to have fun with what she’s wearing, but it is still really classy and elegant.

SR: She sounded amazing and even when one of the fan things hit her in the head she kept going! What a goddess.


Dev Patel + his mom, Anita Patel


SR: These two were so cute all night. Can I just say, I love seeing an Indian woman wearing a sari to Hollywood’s biggest event? She looks so lovely, and Dev looks dapper as hell.  

CC: Dev is straight up so attractive omg. I love that he’s wearing a white tuxedo jacket, I think it makes it stand out so much more. And the fact that he brought his mom has me in TEARS. They just looked like they had so much fun together! She’s beautiful! LOVE the gold details on the sari.

SR: He looks so good. I also loved watching him interact with Sunny all night–they are so adorable. Dev looked so excited when Sunny reenacted The Lion King with Jimmy Kimmel. All the Indians at the Oscars were amazing.
CC: Lin Manuel Miranda also brought his mother and I just hope this continues to be a thing I can look forward to every year.