How to be Fashionable in the Cold Without Dying

Layer, layer, layer 

  • Combine different textures, like lace underneath a knit top, or a denim jacket under a wool coat, to create interesting, unique outfits.


  • Embrace the classic collared shirt/knit sweater look.

  • Wear tights under ripped, baggy jeans to keep your legs warm.

  • Layer different shades of the same color. Shades of gray and blue work especially well.

  • Wear a camisole under tops if you don’t want your extra layers to show.

Don’t be afraid to dress up. Literally.

  • Fleece lined tights are a must-have!

  • Wearing a camisole dress over a turtleneck is a super edgy look, especially when paired with a choker.

  • Sweater dresses are comfortable and cute.

  • Pair mini dresses with big, fluffy cardigans.

Flatter your figure 

  • Top off your outfit with a belt to cinch your waist.

  • Pair chunky, shapeless tops with figure-hugging pants.

Drape your jacket 

  • Kim K’s favorite trick won’t hide your cute top.

Focus on footwear

  • Add knee high socks under boots for an unseen layer of warmth.
  • Wear thigh high boots with miniskirts/dresses.

Wear matching jogger sets

  • The 90’s are back y’all. Velvet tracksuits are especially soft and chic.

Accessorize wisely

  • Spice up any boring winter outfit with a pop of color!