F*ck That: 9 Beautifully Honest Ways to be Inspired

Did midterm scores get you down? Is having too much time during spring break making you question your purpose on this Earth? Do you always have existential crises? Or maybe you are just in the middle of a rough moment in your life? There are many resources on the Internet about “mindfulness” and “spreading the love” to supposedly help you feel better. But to some of us, that all sounds like cringeworthy bullshit.

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Life isn’t about pretty sunsets and cute sayings. That’s why TheBoola has compiled a list of ways to become realistically motivated, because hard-hitting facts are much better than cheesy “inspirational quotes” from Tumblr.


1. Try Honest Meditation

Get comfy and let the narrators help you expel your sh*tty negative energy. Breathe in, and breath out.


2. Change Your Desktop/Phone Wallpaper


These wallpapers can become daily reminders for you. Besides, Oscar >>>> default landscape laptop background.


3. Receive a Pep Talk

Just listen to the amazing Eric Thomas, tear up, and feel motivated to conquer the world :,-)


4. Eat a Brutally Honest Cake

That you made for yourself. To feel better about yourself. What a treat!


5. Read Honest Stories/Comics About Life

Sometimes you just want someone to acknowledge that life sucks and that not everything “will get better” or your situation is “better than it seems.” That way, you can realistically acknowledge your situation and grow from it.


6. Give Yourself (or Stugglin’ Friend) a Real Greeting Card

Similar to the previous point, tough moments come and go in life but when you are in the middle of one, you shouldn’t lie to yourself about your problems. Thus, these cards are worth so much more than the Hallmark ones (financially and emotionally).


7. Follow the Wise Words of April Ludgate or Daria

These girls are the best motivational speakers around. ‘Nuf said.


8. Do an Easy DIY Project

Now you too have the skillful hands of a Pinterest crafter to be successful! What an ego-boosting activity!


9. Lastly, Look at the People Around You

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 10.29.41 AM

At least you don’t have an article about you on DailyMail about egging a poor grandma’s house 1000 times (with a measily 13 comments). See, plenty of people suck more than you!