Fall Fashion Lookbook: Yale Edition

Here in New Haven we find ourselves in the midst of fall and thus the eternal struggle to dress stylishly and comfortably plagues us again. Taking some cues from some of the most fashion savvy students on campus, The Boola presents a complete guide to dressing for the fall, without having to sacrifice your comfort.



Name: Zoe Loewenberg

Year & College: Class of 2018, Stiles College


Fuzzy Cardigan: The cardigan is everyone’s go-to staple for the fall. However, having a wardrobe of the same exact sweaters in different shades can feel as redundant as a cartoon character’s signature ensemble. Switch it up with different textures that will give your outfits new dimensions.

Feminine Edge: Mixing something as feminine as a bright pink coat with edgier elements like ripped “mom” jeans, black, and chunky, rustic jewelry creates an amazing balance. Zoe plays up this contrast with her platform lace-up booties which counteract the in-your-face femininity of the coat. Zoe: “Right now, I’m a fan of toughening up feminine pieces of clothing. For example, I love pairing a leather jacket with floral dresses.”

Vibrant Outerwear: It’s pretty easy to get lost in a sea of of cool and neutral shades in the Fall. Nothing sets you apart like a pop of color- especially when it comes to outerwear. Choosing a bold piece to center a mostly black-and-white outfit around really creates a cool contrast and well-put together look.



Name: JT Flowers

Year & College: Class of 2017, Pierson College


Classic Coat: One really can’t go wrong with a classic peacoat. As long as it keeps you warm, it’s a go-to that will probably never fail you.

Funky Patterns: Wearing a pea coat is great, but if you’re gonna keep outerwear simple, add some fresh pattern to spice up an otherwise monotone outfit.

Mixing Casual and Formal: While you certainly don’t want to be that person who tries way too hard, you don’t want to be the person who looks like they just rolled out of bed either. Find the perfect balance by mixing elements of formal and casual wear. JT creates the perfect mix with his wing-tip shoes, laid-back cap, and playful mustachio-ed socks. JT: “I like to pair the casual, louder things with simpler, classic things.”



Name: Elena Saavedra Buckley

Year & College: Class of 2018, Silliman College


Crisp Fall Colors: Fall brings forth some of the best shades of nature’s color palette. Often the most natural thing to do is work with it and play with the cool greens, reds, and browns that autumn bestows upon us. Elena’s burgundy coat, quirky green tights, and paisley print of her dress all combine to create an eclectic mix of fun patterns and textures all centered around that classic, nostalgic feeling of pumpkin picking, changing leaves, and apple cider. Elena: “Natural hues really complement the leaves and the cozy atmosphere of Fall.”

Accessorizing: Accessorizing is a great way to express who you are without putting your heart on your sleeve. Elena adds some cool accents with her earrings, rings, bangle, and watch that all complement each other while still holding individual significance. Elena: “I like to pair my old jewelry, the things that have a lot meaning, with newer clothing to create contrast.”



Name: Jonathan Galka

Year & College: Class of 2018, Davenport College


Alternative Outerwear: With the advent of autumn, we all burrow into our coats, sweatshirts, and other conventional means of staying warm, but why not come up with a twist on fall outerwear? When it’s chilly, Jonathan dons one of his ponchos. It’s a cool alternative to the peacoat or jacket that keeps you warm, but isn’t stifling. Jonathan’s opens down the middle, so it’s versatile and easy to stretch out or just cuddle in its wooly warmth. Jonathan: “A lot of my style comes from my culture and experiences. I borrow elements from Ecuador and the places I’ve traveled to express my identity.”

Color Coordination: One doesn’t always want to match the gloominess of the leaf-covered, grey sidewalks of New Haven, but it’s hard to pull off bold and bright colors. Go with cool and eclectic tones that balance each other out. The forest green of Jonathan’s pants and the  navy blue of his poncho compliment each other, while the vibrant orange of his patterned shirt lies on the opposite end of the color spectrum, balancing everything out.



Name: Meiryum Mohammed Ali

Year & College: Class of 2016, Pierson College


Scarves: It’s fall- you literally cannot go wrong with throwing on a scarf and calling it a day. Scarves are perhaps fall’s best accessory, providing warmth from the icy wind chill as well style. You can find scarves in so many different styles, such as Meiryum’s paisley one. Infinity scarves also keep you cute and comfy.

Leggings and Booties: Meiryum models a classic look: boots and leggings. These are essential for those days that you literally just can’t, but you’d still like to look somewhat together. And, hello, leggings are super comfy. Meiryum: “These wedges are great because I walk around a lot and they’re still very comfortable. Heels aren’t great for comfort and my last pair were ruined from the cobblestone.”



Name: Aryeh Coburn-Soloway

Year & College: Class of 2016, Branford College


Classic Fall Sweater: Guys simply can’t go wrong with a classic fall sweater. Create a put-together look with a collared shirt underneath. To mix up this classic look, add a pattern or unconventional color combo.

Dark Wash Jeans: Save those faded light blue jeans for another time of the year. A pair of nice, dark wash jeans are absolute staples for menswear, especially in the colder times of the year.



Name: Katie Fletcher

Year & College: Class of 2017, Stiles College


A Pop of Color: It’s not easy to go with bold neons especially in the dead of fall at Yale. However, Katie’s vibrant fuchsia and electric blue coat really adds dimension to a black-and-white outfit. Katie: “I really love bright neons, but on campus, I feel like I have to tone it down.”

Cowl-neck Sweaters: These are perfect for the fall when you’re not quite ready to commit to the neck-stiflingness of a turtleneck, but still want to keep warm and toasty. A creme sweater is a classic touch that will never compromise on comfort or style.

Skirts and Tights: It’s easy to adopt a uniform  of leggings, jeans, and sweats, but fall can be a great season for skirts as well. With the perfect pair of tights, you can’t go wrong with a simple skater skirt. Cotton ones are great for keeping you warm without being too itchy.



Name: Joel DeLeon

Year & College: Class of 2018, Pierson College


Tailor-made: This fall, ditch the baggy sweaters and slouchy tees, and go for a much more structured look. From cuffed sleeves to cuffed pants, the smallest touches can make your outfit so much more refined. Joel: “I love cuffing things… Clothes that are ready to wear aren’t really tailored at the end correctly, so cuffing them gives them a sleeker shape”.

Art Imitates Life: Joel expertly creates a vibrant color scheme, contrasting dark greys and blacks with the vibrant oranges and yellows of the changing leaves. Adding a touch of blue brings the whole outfit together and creates a cool balance of colors that aren’t fighting against each other, but instead work together cohesively.




Name: Liana Ambrose-Murray

Year & College: Class of 2018, Timothy Dwight College


Statement Jewelry: One of the easiest ways to create a great look is to pick something bold and build your outfit around that. In this case, you can’t go wrong with some great statement jewelry. Pairing a fun and unique necklace with a crisp and curt buttoned-up collar is a great for toning down the severity of any shirt and creating a quirky combination. One of the best parts of fashion is just having fun. Liana: “I like to smile, and I want my clothes to do the same. I wear something fresh, pleasant, and multifaceted–like a smile–to express myself a step beyond the corners of bowed up lips.”

Military Jacket: It’s an edgy alternative to a classic peacoat and can almost go with anything. You can dress down a formal look and make it more laid back or take a really relaxed outfit and give a touch of effortless style.

Touch of Vintage: Over Thanksgiving, take the time to raid your grandparents’ (or even parents’) old wardrobe to dig out some awesome throwbacks and vintage pieces or visit your local Goodwill Store. Liana’s vintage jacket adds another dimension to her outfit, with its intricate beaded fringe, dainty buttons, and sewing.