DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts with a Durfee’s Swipe

Have an SO, crush, or a really good “friend,” but just feeling too stingy? Trying to seduce that TA, but low on cash? Money is definitely a problem for us college kids, especially on the major commercial holidays.


Luckily, your $8 Durfee’s Swipe can come in handy in this situation. Here are some professionally assembled Valentine’s Day gifts that will wow the pants off of your special person. Most of these happen to be food related, by pure coincidence of course.


Strawberry Bouquet


(Photo credits: pankobunny)

What is even better smelling and tasting than a dozen roses? A dozen strawberry roses! This bouquet takes very little effort, but looks like a gift that came straight from Edible Arrangements. Fancy~


  • Strawberries ($5.25)
  • Wooden chopsticks ($0.00) from the Durfee’s condiments counter next to the cashier 
  • Cup or whatever pretty container you have lying around ($0.00)


  1. Wash strawberries well so they are ready for consumption.
  2. Stick each strawberry with the leaves on the bottom into a wooden chopstick.
  3. Make four slices (in a square shape) on the outside of the strawberry. Be sure not to cut all the way down so the petals can stay attached. If you have a particularly big strawberry, you can do another four slices to the inner layer and add more petals. Gently fan out the petals.
  4. Stick the strawberry rose + wooden chopstick into a nice cup/vase/sock.


Apple Hearts Gift Basket


(Photo credits: finger prickin’ good)

If you have a health-conscious boo or just really cheap tastes in gifts, start drawing hearts on apples! These little treats will really help you get the message across, that they are the apple of your eye <3.


  • Different colored apples ($0.50 each) or steal a bunch from the dining hall
  • Marshmallow Fluff ($3.50) or some other sticky edible substance


  1. Carefully trace a heart-shaped piece of your apple out with a knife.
  2. Slowly cut around the heart so the heart cutout pops out of the apple nicely. Do steps 1-2 for an apple of a different color.
  3. Use either friction or an edible, sticky substance like caramel/nutella/marshmallow fluff/spit to attach each heart to the opposite colored apple.
  4. Repeat for as many apples as you want your lover to enjoy. Which means a lot.
  5. Make ‘dem apples look presentable! Nice gift boxes, baskets, or clear bags + ribbon will make your hard work look presentable and giftable.


Marshmallow-Cereal Hearts


(Photo credits: Rice Krispies)

Now who doesn’t love the classic melted marshmallow + cereal treat combo? I sure hope your SO does! Show your special person just how sticky and sweet your love is.


  • Cereal ($0.00) I’ve seen boxes at Durfee’s, but why waste money when you can just hoard it from the dining halls? You can even mix different types and create a taste bud experience. 
  • Marshmallow Fluff ($3.50) Because no one has time to melt a bunch of marshmallows. 


  1. Stir the cereal and the Marshmallow Fluff until the cereal is well coated.
  2. Evenly press the mixture into a pan or anything remotely similar. Cool slightly. Then use a knife or cookie cutters to cut out romantic shapes.
  3. To cheapily, but lovingly, go above and beyond, decorate with old Christmas candy (i.e. sprinkle crushed up candy canes or crumbled chocolate).


Breakfast in Bed


(Photo credits: kobietasukcesu)

Maybe you had pre-Valentine’s Day sexy time and want to treat the one beside you in bed to a really nice morning. Or you just want to start the 14th on a really nice note for your loved one. One thing is for sure. You can never go wrong with romantic breakfast food.


  1. If you have a blender, you can make a fruit smoothie using various fruit/vegetables ($0.50 to $6.25) + yogurt (up to $3.50) or ice cream (up to $7.00). Or make a yogurt parfait!
  2. Get pastries ($2.00 to $4.00) and decorate with little toothpick flags.
  3. If you’re in love with an oatmeal fan, Durfee’s might have you covered.
  4. Don’t forget a nice cup of coffee/milk/OJ (around $3.00 to $5.00) to wash everything down!
  5. Borrow a tray from the dining hall (if permitted) and place the goods in a Pinterest-worthy layout. Maybe lay red/pink tissue paper to add a more festive touch.


Tea Bag Love


(Photo credits: Honestly Yum)

My favorite on this list thus far, these cute little heart tea bags will make your crush swoon. Bond over the harmonious aroma of little dried leaves and spices. Nobody will know you spent nearly zero dollars on this crafty gift.


  • Coffee filters (if you have some) or Empty tea bags ($0.00)
  • Tea leaves ($0.00) Stash several tea bags from the dining hall.
  • Needle and thread – Pink and red are cute colors!


  1. If you are using coffee filters, carefully cut out heart shapes. If you are using clean, empty tea bags, first empty the tea bags into a separate container to use later.
  2. Using a needle and thread, sew tightly around the border. Leave a little hole to insert the loose tea leaves/power, then close up.


Sellout option


Get one of the pre-packaged chocolates and toys sold on the Durfee’s holiday table. Last resort only. Otherwise, this is pretty disappointing. Put some love and effort into your gift sheesh.