Coup de Brass: 7 Reasons Why You Need To Be A Fan Right Now

YO YALIES! Coup de Brass is Yale’s premier undergraduate all-french horn ensemble. So why haven’t you been to a concert yet? Hmmm? I mean, just look at these sexy people. They’re musicians. Everybody loves musicians.

Not pictured: (New Kids on the Block) Derek Boyer ‘18, Morgan Jackson ‘18, and Bianka Ukleja ‘18, and (Hipsters) Julian Drucker ‘15 and Alicia Ding ‘16.

As a French horn player myself, I get it: we play an obscure AF instrument that looks like a snail and sounds like a boat. But don’t let that discourage you from being a fan! If French Horn has never really been on the map for you, it’s OK. I can change that.


1. Let me begin, my friends, by stating the obvious: you guys have been missing out.

Don’t believe me? Enjoy this quality promo video for one of the MOST EPIC groups on campus! Go on, kiddies: (the bass line will be dropped down an octave).



We know.

2. At CdB, horn not only tickles our loins: it tickles our souls.

Are we deep? Or are we profound?


What can we say? We love the way it looks. We love the way it sounds. We love the ways in which it fails us time and time again. We love the look of confusion when we try to explain that horn is both a brass and a woodwind instrument. Horn, with its infinite characters and emotive qualities, is a beacon of truth and light in an unimpressive sea of flautists, violinists, and clarinet players. (OH DAMN, SHOTS FIRED!)


3. Why the hype? 

This instrument has prehistoric traditions dating as far back as the age of the dinosaurs. Jesus Christ played the French horn. As did William Shakespeare and Revolutionary War hero George Washington. Did you know MLK once performed a Mozart horn concerto at one of his peaceful protests?? What can I say, the man knew how to work a crowd.

“Horn will save The South.” – Reverend Martin Luther King


4. Urban Dictionary basically says we’re “freakin awesome.”

The legacy of the mighty horn has been transcribed for posterity in its illuminated pages.

(Urban Dictionary)

5. We all speak French, we know a thing or two about “lip work,” and we’ve been rehearsing non-stop Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings in the JE Theater to bring your favorite jams to life!


I know, I know. You be all like:


6. Our repertoire is glorious.

Take a look at just a wee sample: (GET EXCITED!)

That sexy Latin stuff you love so much:

Bizet’s Carmen

“Tico Tico”

That sophisticated Classical stuff you hate so much:

Hansel and Gretel (Engelbert Humperdinck) (because that name doe)

Till Eulenspiegel

That jazzy stuff that horns play now?

“Blue Moon”



“Say Something” arranged for 8 horns

“The Entertainer”

“Titanic Fantasy” arranged for 12 horns

“Daft Punk Medley”

“Disney Medley”

“Let It Go” (!!!!!)

7. And as a reward for our awesomeness, we have our own Emoji:


8. We know you really (secretly) admire us.

We do what we do to have you like:


And like:


And this:


From the looks of things, I guess you can say we’re just the coolest people ever.



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