Cheap, Easy, and Totally Yale Costume Ideas for 2018

It’s spooky season and you need to make sure you have enough Halloween costumes for every event at every level of drunkenness. Let us help you out with eight easy, affordable, and totally Yale costume ideas. 

1. Handsome Dan

All you need for this costume are a pair of brown dog ears (which you can get for super cheap on Amazon here) and some makeup + talent to transform your face into that of our beloved mascot. The best part about this costume is you can be as wholesome or as slutty as you want. Feeling the Yale spirit? Pair this costume with some Yale merch! Feeling the other spirit? Pair with minimal clothing!

2. Peter Salovey 

If you want a classy Halloween night, put on your best suit, smile, and (unframed) spectacles. Throw around the occasional psychology joke and even a put on fake mustache if you wanna go old-school.




3. Marvin Chun

If you have a bestie, this is the perfect idea to pair with Peter Salovey. Grab matching suits, framed spectacles, and throw in an innocent head-tilt with your smile. Now you can make psychology jokes together!

4. Plato, Aristotle, other white dudes in togas??

This is for you DS kids who just really need to express your deep passion for the classics. It’s a cheap choice, too! Just grab your old white bed sheets that we all know you’ve never bothered to wash and wrap it around yourself until something that looks like a toga results. Grab a leaf twig from the quickly withering trees to really add some pizzazz.

5. Moose (for you hyped-up Morse frosh)

Get a pair of Moose antlers here and your choice of reddish brown clothing- again, it can be as slutty as you want for the party scene or a full-on unitard to keep warm in the chilly October air. The best part about this costume is you can reuse the antlers for some reindeer-related Christmas purpose! What purpose exactly? I don’t know but I’m sure you’re creative enough to figure something out.

6. An econ major

This comfy onesie serves not only as a Halloween costume but as snuggly nightwear for the upcoming cold!

7. Boxer

You don’t even need to buy anything if you have a bathrobe, thick snow mits, and your choice of underwear. If the mits don’t cut it, here’s a link to some reasonably priced accessory boxer gloves. This costume will keep you warm as you party hop but is easily removable when things get hot and sweaty! Great for any gender and any level of wholesomeness.

8. Gingerbread Man/Woman (applies to red-heads only)

Steal some bread from the dining halls and carry it around. Best part: it costs you nothing! It might be lazy but at least you have some carbs to munch on to keep you going throughout the night. Let’s get this bread.