Best Dressed at Freshman Screw 2017

Freshman Screw. This word can either evoke a slightly nauseous response when you think of that terrible date that you had or a more positive response when you think of all your fond memories. But regardless, it’s important to acknowledge the most important aspect of the night: the looks you were serving. This crucial detail transcends whether or not you actually had fun or if your date was a weirdo or if you died on the inside from the cold as you made the trek from Old Campus to Commons in your short dress. As long as you were feeling yourself and the pictures are poppin’ to prove it, then who cares? To acknowledge the effort it takes to put together a fabulous outfit, the Boola made an appearance at Freshman Screw to find some people who were looking amazing and serving some looks. So without further ado, here is some of the Boola’s top picks from Screw!

PC: Christina Chen


Nika Zarazvand

TD ‘20

“I finally decided what I look like tonight. An alien mermaid.”


Samantha Coury

BK ‘20

“I wanted to look fun!”


Elaine Wang

BR ‘20

“Always go for the metallic silver boots.”


Faith Chumo

Hopper ‘20

“The last time I wore this dress was with an ex, but I’m looking fabulous and getting over it.”


Milo Levine

DC ‘20

“Well, femme was no fun, so there was this.”


Jessica Asiedu

SY ‘20

“The dress is simple, sexy, and classic. I came with friends, so I decided to put my body to work and just stunt and have fun.”


Sydney Hanover

University of Oregon

“I love this dress because it’s so fun and sparkly but not in a crazy way. It’s a classic 70s look in this century! Love it so much!”