Amazon items you never knew you needed: for your suite, suitemates, and suite(heart)

As we approach the midway point of the semester, you may feel that your suite has everything it needs and that your life is finally coming together (if midterms didn’t tear it apart). In case you want to be absolutely sure your suite has everything it needs, the Boola has compiled a list of five must-have Amazon items.

For your suite:

Admit it: You’re tired of sitting on the little wooden rocking chair that came with your desk. Your back hurts, and you’ve experienced the panicked sensation that you’re falling backwards one too many times. The least you can do is buy yourself an upgraded rocking chair. This hammock rocking chair, based on Mayan hammock weaving techniques, is comfortable and incredibly colorful. Buy it for $257.12 here.

For your suite(heart):

In a long-distance relationship? Missing your significant other? In need of a gift that says “I love you even though we’re hundreds/thousands of miles apart? These stylish neoprene insulated lunch bags are the perfect gift for your love. They’re available for almost every state, from Vermont to Tennessee to Hawai’i, and many countries, such as Brazil, Kyrgyz, and Japan, are represented as well. Order yours for $29.99 here.

For your suitemates:

You may consider you and your suite  “squad goals,” but are you really suitemate goals if you don’t have matching animal onesies? This particular onesie includes a stuffed animal kangaroo in its pouch and has a zippered flap in the back – but if you think your suitemates would prefer a different animal, you can also purchase sloth, lemur, shark, giraffe, and elephant onesies. Purchase a zoo of onesies for about $20-30 each (depending on the type) here.

For your suite parties:

Okay, we promise that this one is actually cool, practical, and affordable. These party lights have three sound-activated modes (sound-activated light on/off, sound-activated color changing, and sound-activated strobe lighting) and seven lighting modes, including solid red, solid blue, solid green, and multicolored. Purchase one for $12.99 here and your suite parties will be unparalleled, guaranteed.

And, of course, for yourself:

Don’t forget to treat yourself. You deserve this foot hammock. Simply hook it under your desk and prop your feet up during long study sessions. The hammock comes in red, navy, green, orange, and dark brown, and it’s available for $8.80 here.


Thanks so much for reading. Do you have anything you’d add to this list of must-have Amazon items? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments.