8 Things to Know About Arabs

1. We


H O T.

Hot damn.


2. We always get “randomly” searched at the airport.


Have the letter H in your last name? But you’re a Yale student? Diplomat? Amal Alamuddin? Doesn’t matter – random search, ma’am.


3. Our parties are AWESOME.

This picture shows how most Arab weddings are.

#TurnUp #Everyday


4. There is a right and wrong way to say “Iraq.”

We aren’t asking for you to use hard syllables. Just remember – it is E-ROCK, not I-RACK.

(Tumblr, Sodahead)

5. We love our facial hair.

someone animated GIF

If there were a favorite past time for Arabs in general, it would be cultivating facial hair. Whether it be the full beard, the right angle beard, or the classic Khaleeji Goatee, Arabs have mastered the art of facial hair.

(Giphy, Smashingreader)

6. Our names get butchered all the time.



Just call him Mo, if that’s easier.


7. Maybe that’s because Arabs can’t understand other Arabs’ Arabic.

There are HUGE differences between Arab dialects. So if you learned informal Arabic from Morocco and are talking to someone from the Gulf, you might as well as be speaking Latin (only formal Fusha Arabic works everywhere).


8. Falafel, Hummus and Shawarma are Arabic foods!

Though they might be popular in Turkey and Israel, these foods are Arab in both nature (food that’s consumed with one’s hand is customary of Arabic food) and origin (the name for Pete’s Sake).

Want to try some? Stop by the ASA booth at Night Market this Friday or drop by our study breaks to taste some of our culture (delicious food, henna, shisha)!