8 Screw Experiences That You Can Definitely Relate To

From one-armed hugs to straight-out punches, here is a collection of the best Screw stories that we have received:

“I got a date for Freshman Screw with a girl, but I should’ve known that that was going to go over like a lead balloon from the get-go. She showed up late and made no effort to find me; the only reason we actually met was because I ended up with her phone and I had to give it to her. We danced a little but had no friends or interests in common, and she just mercifully disappeared after a while. RIP girl, I’m so sorry.”


“I don’t remember a lot of things about Freshman Screw. However, I do recall rushing to the bathroom, the taste of blood in my mouth, shortly after my date accidentally (?) bit my lips while we were making out.”


“He offers to buy me a sandwich. I’m down for that. And here’s where my night turned into a complete and utter disaster: He took this opportunity to use me, his screw date, to talk about all 4 (or was it 5? Not really sure) of his girlfriends and how much they had broken his heart. Basically, I paid $10 to be someone’s therapist for the night. At the end of the night he gave me a one-armed hug. A ONE-ARMED HUG.

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“I get a text that he’s picking me up outside of my dorm so I come down and he is holding a sign that says ‘Screw Me’ in big bold letters, and under it is a box that says ‘Yes’ and nothing else. No ‘No’ box. No ‘Maybe’ box. Nothing.


“I was trying to leave box, kept getting pushed around, and then some guy who had been elbowing me turned and full-on two hand pushed me… So, completely out of nowhere for me, I swung and punched him in the side of the head without a thought. He fell down, I decided it was definitely time to leave. The end.”


“We had a wonderful night and my date ended the night by saying she’d add me on Facebook. The next day I sent her a message saying I’d had fun the night before. Seen, 10:24. Radio silence.


“I went with a guy I had a small crush on. It was awkward as he stayed with me the whole time but didn’t interact with me, most of the time not even looking at me. It was just super awkward and weird. Nothing happened, just us both awkwardly using up the same air space.


I considered skipping the whole thing, but a friend of a friend reached out and asked if I was available. An hour before I was supposed to show up for the pre-game, I was sitting on the futon not wanting to go at all. Luckily I rallied and had the most amazing time. Both my date and I were not the best dancers, which was perfect because we could be horrible together.

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