6 People You See During Shopping Period

1. The Over-Achiever 


That kid who leaves every 5 minutes to shop his 17 classes.  Also that eager freshman taking up precious seats at super popular senior seminars.

(Photocred: Tumblr)

2. The Pre-Professional


The pre-meds, pre-laws, pre-finance, pre-consultants. They’ll moan about p-sets and midterms but cram for them all for that dream job.

Also, basically Carlton:


(Photocred: Giphy, Tumblr)

3. The Try-Hards 


These are kids looking for recommendations for fellowships, grad school, and a way to soothe their straining egos. Also that poor kid who’s been trying to get into this seminar since 2011.


These kids usually email professors a week in advance and then line up to speak to the professor after class.

(Photocred: Tumblr)

4. The Athletes


Obliged to find classes before practice = 10:30 poli-sci classes.

Also, the athlete POV:


(Photocred: Tumblr)

5. The Under-Achiever


Usually only high GPA chasers…or those who don’t care. Classes may include Indonesian, Mambo, Issues Approach to Biology, and more. Also that senior still trying to fulfill distributional requirements.

(Photocred: Tumblr)

6. The Free-Spirit

Takes classes you’ve never heard of, maybe because they’re the type to highlight their bluebook. They’re generally a little happier during midterms and finals, but only marginally.

(Photocred: Tumblr)