6 Reasons Why You Should Come to the Yale Film Festival

Yale Student Film Festival: March 27 – March 29


Get Ready. This weekend, we’ll go through the Lost & Foundexploring the best of Yale filmmaking. You won’t want to miss Harold writing The Note at a Listening Party in The D’Port Dive. If for some reason you end up in The Panhandle instead of In Our City, you’ll have to drive a lot Faster than anticipated–getting back in time will be a Long ShotAnd Then you’ll probably end up with (in)Somnia and lose all your Tranquility.  No one wants that; but all we’ll be able to do is Wish You Were Here.


And now, 6 reasons why you should come to the Film Festival: 

1. Yale kids are talented in tons of ways – you will see people in these films you know, but didn’t know worked in film 

You’re in flim?!


2. Because student films aren’t usually seen unless the filmmaker is also a PR wiz

Tryna get you to come like:


3. Films are A LOT OF WORK and they take a long time to make and they require audiences in order to be complete.

















4. Because Yale students are talented and these films are really good.


5. An hour is a reasonable amount of time to spend supporting the arts and your friends on a Saturday afternoon.

Don’t be like Karen.














6. Because who doesn’t like movies?  Movies are awesome.



Comprised of 20 films and 14 filmmakers that represent Yale alum, grads and undergrads from across the globe, the first Yale Student Film Festival will feature a wide variety of films, including multi-lingual, experimental, documentary, romantic-comedy and silent films. We even have an 18-minute, single-take film and a natural disaster film.

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