5 Ways to Shop Better with BoolaMarket

1. Comfort

Let’s be honest. Craig’s List is sketchy. You have no idea who is on the other side of the internet, but on BoolaMarket you know a fellow Yalie is. This also means you don’t have to worry about shipping, just meet up and grab your item. Don’t worry about cash or getting screwed over, BoolaMarket takes care of moving money from buyer to seller for you, so no one has to feel uncomfortable, awkward, or suspicious.


2. Savings

As a buyer on BoolaMarket, you don’t have to take the listed price. Whenever you are thinking about buying an item, make an offer without any social anxiety about low-balling. You never know what might happen! BoolaMarket builds in great deals with its offer and counteroffer system. Also, everyone gets a 15% discount to AllCollege Storage through the site, so you can cheaply store all your new stuff!


3. Wishlist

Doesn’t it always seem to be the case that what you are looking for isn’t found online? Usually you end up asking around instead. BoolaMarket builds this in with its Wishlist. Post what you are looking for and if someone has what you are looking for, the site will connect the two of you together! There’s often other people who want what you do too, so they can join on your post and be notified as well. It’s shopping but in reverse!


4. Browse Enjoyably

Window shopping has been a pastime of many people for a long-time. Sometimes you might just want to look around, not even knowing what you are looking for. BoolaMarket not only supports this functionally, but makes it enjoyable! Beyond searching for items by category, keyboard, or by what is newest, shoppers can also use our interactive scroll bar, which is automatically populated with items fitting your personal preferences! You can do this all on your phone too, so enjoy swiping around while you have some time to kill.


5. Sell Efficiently

You have stuff to sell, but the only people who want it are other Yalies. Wouldn’t it be great if there was one place where everyone was looking for your items in an organized way that made them easy to find? That’s exactly what BoolaMarket provides you! Furthermore, you can check the Wishlist page and see what people are looking for. You might be able to make some quick cash or unload something you thought no one wanted!




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