5 Reasons Why Finals Aren’t the Worst

With finals seasons right around the corner, it is important to stay positive, even if it’s with slightly fake positivity! Here are five reasons why you can dread the upcoming days a little less…

1. You have an excuse to avoid the people you don’t want to see

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People know how rough finals week can be , so they’ll understand when you say no to plans or favors as long as your excuse is that you have to be studying. So if you’ve been avoiding your overly attached woads hook up or the annoying girl in your entryway, remind them of all of the intense studying you’ve been busy doing.


2. Finals give you a reason to hit up the people from class you’ve wanted to hang out with

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Have you been staring at the same hottie in your econ section all semester? Well now is the time to talk to them – whether it’s to study, compare notes, or take a “study break” together. You have the perfect excuse to get together!


3. You’ll get distracted from the weather

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December in New Haven is a rough time of year – whether you’re drowning in finals or not. With below freezing temperatures and sunsets at 4:00 PM, it’s definitely not the time to be outside. Lucky for you, you have to study anyways, so you won’t be thinking about the fact that you barely saw any sunshine or that you can’t feel your face!


4. All this intense studying is a reason to treat yourself!

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Finals are a struggle for everyone, so do whatever it takes to keep you motivated – whether that’s with food or relaxation! After spending hours at the library studying for finals, you definitely deserve that donut/Netflix break/cookie you’ve been resisting all semester long; after all, carbohydrates are fuel for the brain!


5. Finals remind you of how close you are to winter break!

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Finals are the last push before winter break aka holiday season! Don’t forget that despite the fact you’ve been studying/crying all week, it’s “the most wonderful time of the year” and once finals are over you’ll be relaxing and spending time with family for an entire month.


Ok let’s be real, finals suck, so try to look at the bright side as reading week ends and finals begin. You’ll need all the optimism you can get – Happy Studying!