11 Insufferably Awkward Moments International Students Experience

1. When you write colour with a u or realise with an s and your TF marks them as spelling mistakes – or your laptop autocorrects to color and realize and you feel like a traitor

Text Autocorrect animated GIF


2. When they ask you why you can speak English



3. When you seriously propose a temporary post-college marriage to one of your friends so you can get a green card, and they laugh as if you’re joking 🙁



4. When you don’t know how to pronounce some words like aluminum or salmon (or words that you’ve only ever read and never said out loud before)

friends animated GIF


5. When you try to figure out the values of American coins in the counter in supermarkets and then give up and hand over your credit card
excited animated GIF


6. When you don’t get American cultural reference jokes so you just laugh along awkwardly in lectures



7. When you’re still wearing sundresses in November because the trunk with your winter clothes is stuck in Kentucky somewhere

snow animated GIF


8. When professors in lecture are like “we dropped the atomic bomb,” and you’re like not “we,” not all of us are American

raise hand animated GIF


9. When they think you’re so exotic and cultured, but little do they know you grew up on Hannah Montana rerunsmiley cyrus animated GIF


10. When you forget which side of the road cars drive on and almost get hit jaywalking

dog animated GIF


11. When people’s names are insults in your language

awkward animated GIF



Edited by Cheryl Xiang and Diane Jiang